Johnny T’s Tips For Riding The New York Subway

Some of you may remember Johnny T.  A few months ago, he gave us some very useful advice for tourists visiting New York City.

Well now, Johnny has some equally useful advice on how to ride the New York subway without being a jerk.

Just to elaborate on some of the things Johnny said:

1) Actually, 7 AM on the subway isn’t so bad.  The real rush hour crowds haven’t quite started yet.  Give it another half-hour, though…

2) The subway, in and of itself, doesn’t smell bad.  The stations just smell a bit musty and mildewy, like an old basement.  The trains are pretty neutral.  Unless…

2a) Piece of advice that Johnny didn’t include in the video: if a subway car is empty, and the cars on either side are full, there is a reason for this.  Best case scenario, that car’s air conditioner is dead.  More likely, there is a stink in that car that will drive you blind.

3) Yes, there is music and dancing on the subway, as illustrated.  Yes, it makes you want to strangle someone.  Preferably the asshole involved.  If any of you reading this do either of those things, you make riding the subway an ordeal.  You are a jerk.

4) Yes, I have seen all of the things Johnny has seen on the subway.  Except someone taking a dump on the floor.  I’ve only ever seen anyone pissing on the floor.

Anyway.  Last year, Glove & Boots came out with a clip that gave us all advice on attending the Super Bowl in New York.  That advice is a bit out of date, but I include it anyway as a comedic bonus.  Enjoy.


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