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Some Places You Can Donate

Hey, all!  Time for a little bit of good that’s easy to do.

First, here are two links if you’re interested in supporting arts and culture:

A Kickstarter for Schoolbooks and Sorcery – LGBTQ-Inclusive YA Anthology (Only 8 days left.  This one is the most time-restricted.  I would very much like to see this succeed, since a dear friend is a contributor.  They’re painfully close, but you know how Kickstarter works: all or nothing.)

Donations for Coney Island USA, the arts organization the preserves Coney Island culture, maintains the Coney Island museum, and puts on such programs as the Mermaid Parade (includes pictures of Mermaid Parades past, so may be NSFW)

Then there are some fundraisers to help some online friends of mine.

First, a fundraiser for a friend who’s temporarily down on her luck and needs help making her bills.

Finally, a fundraiser for a friend who has a more specific need for help with his medical bills.

Give what you can and pass the word!




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Please Help Dacey

Hey, all. Earlier this week, the daughter of one of my high school friends was on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend to visit colleges when they suffered a terrible car wreck. The boyfriend was killed, and the daughter is in…bad condition. Please go to Dacey’s Gofundme and do what you can to help with the family’s medical costs. If you can’t give, then please spread the word.

The poor kid’s life was just starting to really get going, and it’s going to be so much harder from this point on. Please do what you can to help.

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Help A Family From My Home Town This Holiday Season


McConnellsville is a tiny, one-stoplight hamlet about fifteen minutes down the road from where I grew up.  There were others like it – Florence, Taberg, North Bay.  We were all part of the same school district.  Children from those villages’ elementary schools (if they were big enough to have one; if not they just came to Camden) came to Camden for Middle and High School.  We were all part of the same extended community.

The point of all this is that Heather and Sydney Arno are my neighbors, even if I’ve never met them personally.  Even if I don’t know them, I know someone who knows them.  That means that when they have trouble, we all pull together for them.  That’s just how small towns work.

Sydney is seven years old, and she’s already been through Hell.  And on December 29, she’s going to have surgery to remove portions of her skull and brain tissue to relieve a condition that’s been causing her suffering since the moment she was born.  Literally.  It seems that the surgery itself is covered, but the family needs so much more.  You can read the whole story here.   Or you could just go directly here, and donate to the family’s GoFundMe campaign.

Please.  When last I checked, they were far short of their goal.  Every little bit helps, and if you can’t help with money, please do what you can to boost the signal.  Share it on Facebook, reblog this post, whatever you can do.  Remember, we’re all neighbors on the Internet.



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Help For An Old Friend

An old, dear friend of mine needs help with some legal costs related to getting her stepkids out of an abusive situation.

Visit the gofundme campaign here to help.  If you can’t contribute money, boost the signal.  It’s a little bit of good that’s easy to do.



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