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Facing The Music Is Now Available!

Facing music with title

New Year’s Day is about beginnings. After a night spent saying goodbye to the past, you rise to greet the future.

But for Melissa Haskins, there is no future. She has woken up alone in a city of the dead. Something vast and terrible moves across the world, and she has no choice but to hide when it passes overhead – she can hear it coming by the strange music that goes before it.

But then one day, she hears a voice coming out of the big empty. A voice that gives her hope. A voice that may just inspire her enough to finally go out and face the music.

Facing the Music is a short story about the world ending when it should be just beginning again, and is now available on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, and is soon to be available at iTunes Books.

It is only available at those sites, and no longer available elsewhere on this blog.  But check out the sample below the fold: Continue reading


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Christmas Sleigh Ride Is Up At Smashwords!

Sleigh Ride With Title

You think you know him. You don’t. He is so much older than you think. He has worn many masks and many names down the ages. But not matter how many masks he wears, no matter how many names we give him, how many roles he takes, he remembers the time before the ages began. And he remembers his first duty.

In the darkest part of winter, he rides out to carry the light across the world.

That’s the intro to Christmas Sleigh Ride, my own little Christmas story, now available at Smashwords for free.  Now of course, since this is me we’re talking about, there’s a little twist.  Some of you may already have guessed it.  Some of you will figure it out right away.  Some, I may actually manage to surprise.  Wherever you fit in…check it out.

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Killing Time Got Another Review!


And it’s even more positive than the last one!

Check it out!  And while you’re at it, check out the reviewer.

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Killing Time Got A Review!


 It’s not as purely laudatory as the one I got for Looking The Other Way, but it’s still 3 out of 5.  Check it out!

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Killing Time Now Available as an Ebook!


Something strange and terrible is happening to Randolph Stevens’s world. Pieces of it are disappearing, bit by bit. And he’s the only one who notices.

Available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and iTunes Books, absolutely free!

Have Killing Time to carry around with you, without needing to scroll through my blog archive.  And while you’re there, check out some of my other titles.

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Looking the Other Way Got a Review!

I know it’s silly, but I’m early enough in my career that someone paying attention to me is still exciting.

So check it out here (bottom of the page), and while you’re there check out this Zimmerman fella, too.

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New Stories Up

So it’s been  a bit busy this week, though I’m afraid y’all haven’t really been able to see the fruits of it here.

The good news is that I have a  new story up at Smashwords, and this one is free!


That’s right.  Carry Looking the Other Way with you, instead of having to scroll through my archives.  Get it here.   Free.

And if you’d like to support the artist, The Guardian Cats of New York City: Shin-Nephura’s Neighborhood is still just 99 cents, available at Smashwords, or now at Barnes and Noble.

Cover with title

And of course, the really good stuff is right there in the sidebar.

Happy Halloween to all.  More on its way later today.

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