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Bad News…and Good News!

Hey, all.

Sorry I had to take down the chapters of Dreams of the Boardwalk that I had posted.  It seems that Amazon doesn’t appreciate it when you try to sell something that’s available online for free, even if what’s online for free is a first draft that went on to be significantly revised.

But that brings us to the good news: Dreams of the Boardwalk is completed and going up this week!  Stay tuned – just a couple days until everything is ready, and then Dreams of the Boardwalk will be available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!



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Neighborhood Witch Is Now Available on Amazon!


A new story up on Amazon for the first time in far too long!  Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Celia Rivera is a well-respected citizen of the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. She runs her own little shop, and she’s respected by everyone from the old men playing dominoes on the corner to the young people who spend their days looking for trouble to get into. They respect her wisdom, her toughness…

Oh. And she’s a witch.

Celia Rivera’s shop sells more than candles and incense, and she keeps her little corner of the City safe for everyone. And when someone targets her family for magical retribution, it’s time for the kind of magical street fight that can only happen in the City.

Check out Neighborhood Witch’s page over at my author site, or just go straight to Amazon and download a copy.  And as always, while you’re there, check out the rest of the library!

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The Truth of Rock and Roll: A Foreword


Starting this week, I’m going to be posting The Truth of Rock and Roll (the book for sale on the Bookstore page) in serial form.  It’s just a novella, so it’s going to be a short “series” – five posts should do it.

I suppose I’m doing all of this backward.  Most bloggers and web cartoonists spend a couple years building their audience, then put out the book.  I really should have set this blog up years ago, but I didn’t, and it’s probably not best marketing practice to post the story in the e-book I’m trying to sell.  It’s just…

I believe in this story.  I wrote it when I was getting divorced, and I had so much to say about regrets, youth, second chances, and rock & roll.  And for once, I think I actually succeeded in saying what I wanted to say.  It was (and is) killing me that only about two dozen people have read it.

And hey, it’s not like people don’t buy books that they read in the bookstore.  Or is it just me who does that?


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