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Cracked Explains How We Still Don’t Live In A Post-Racial Society

This was originally going to be part of an “Interesting Links” post, but I ultimately decided that it deserved to be the focus of a post all its own.

Cracked is starting to join Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as the court jester of American culture: they’re the ones who speak the truths that no one else will, and they get away with it because they make it sound like a joke.

I’ve often heard and read people – white people, of course – demand to know just who is supposedly still keeping black people down these days.  In their minds, systemic racism ended some time in the late Sixties, early Seventies at the latest, and if black people are somehow still trapped at the bottom, it must be their own fault (and to suggest otherwise is racist in itself).

As it turns out, the Cracked staff have an answer to that question in:

5 Studies That Prove Racism Is Still Way Worse Than We Think

And the answer?  Same as it ever was.  Take a look at the article to see how racism works in an age when advocating segregation in public is frowned upon, but setting it up to happen anyway is a business plan.


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Cracked: Five Surprising Insider Facts About Welfare

Cracked does it again in:

5 Surprising Insider Facts About Welfare

For the record, none of these facts are surprising to me.  At all.  I knew them years ago.  But then, my side of the Culture War isn’t the one that holds it as a shibboleth that people on welfare are thieving leeches on society.

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Interesting Links – November 23, 2014

When I wrote my post about Slither, I mentioned that I wasn’t a great fan of the zombie genre, mostly because the zombies themselves are rarely the real threat.  Most zombie stories – indeed, most “apocalypse” stories in general – are about what happens when civilization is stripped away.  90+% of the time, the answer to that is chaos.  Only the most brutal and violent survive, and they take what they want from the soft and civilized, because that is the true nature of humanity.  We are the monsters.

Except that we never would have invented civilization in the first place if that were really our nature.

Cracked makes that point in greater depth in:

4 Reasons ‘The Walking Dead ‘ Hates Humans More Than Zombies

(Incidentally, if you want to read their classic article about why a zombie outbreak would never become an “apocalypse” in the first place, check it out here.  I love World War Z as much as anyone, but Max Brooks had to cheat like hell to make his collapse plausible, and he’s more honest and skillful than most.)

As long as you’re at Cracked, check out 28 Celebrities With Amazing Secret Talents, because people are never limited to what you know about them, and it would be nice to have some of those surprises be non-horrible for once.  I was particularly surprised and impressed by Johnny Cash and Flavor Flav.

Next up is our next installment of The Horrors of It All.  Once again, it’s a double feature: The Thing That Devoured A Planet/It Came From Beneath The Earth.  The first makes an utter hash of the Theory of Relativity, but it makes a good cosmic horror story nonetheless.  The second is just the kind of goofy fun that those old horror comics loved.

And now, last but not least:

Have you ever heard of Vivian James?

Vivian James Rainbow

She’s the mascot of #Gamergate.  She’s supposed to represent the perfect gaming girl, the kind that isn’t interested in all this inclusivity and representation bullshit, she just wants to play Vidya Games (see where she got her name?).  Nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes (though it seems odd to think that using a fictional female mouthpiece will somehow make the horrible things you do to real women okay), but #Gamergaters being the kind of people they are, it was about five seconds before they took this character, who they often spoke of with doting affection as their daughter, and started making porn of her.  Hell, even in the original version (the green and purple one), her clothing is a reference to an obscure 4chan rape joke.

It wasn’t long before we white knights and Social Justice Warriors started to feel sorry for the poor kid.  So finally, one of us went and wrote the comic about what we’d all like to do:

The Rescue of Vivian James


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Creepy Cracked

So.  To cleanse your palate of some of the horribleness that I’ve had to share these past few days, a bit of humor.  Of course, it’s not just any humor.  It looks like Cracked.com is getting into the spirit of the season with a host of creepy stories:

4 Creepy Conspiracy Theories That Need To Be Horror Movies

Yes.  Yes, they do.  Especially the “Giant Aliens Eat the Antarctic Expedition” one.

5  Real Life Horror Movies Deleted From Your History Books

Some of these are…less funny than others.  It’s the distance that allows us to apply humor and feel the pleasantly creepy chill.

The 17 Most Unintentionally Funny Moments In Scary Movies

(To be fair, the “To live…forever!” one is from House of the Dead, a Uwe Boll video game movie, so while it may be unintentionally funny, it was probably intentionally shitty.)

And just for the heck of it:

5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule The World





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An Interesting Link I Forgot Last Night

Cracked.com is just on lately.

With November coming on fast, here’s some important information for you to consider:

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Government Spending

I would say that the writer neglected to mention something important in the section on debt.  See that second graph, the one that’s less scary but still can’t continue indefinitely?  That still-scary jump at the end includes the Great Recession, which created three factors that almost certainly won’t continue indefinitely:

1) Hugely reduced government revenue, because people who lose their jobs and houses pay fewer and lower taxes;

2) Hugely increased need for government spending, so those people who lose their jobs and houses don’t starve to death in the street; and finally

3) A much-reduced GDP, so any debt is, by definition, a larger percent of GDP.

Just something else to consider.


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Interesting Links – August 29, 2014

Not that they need my recommendation, but Cracked.com is on today.

The first is by far the more important of the two:

7 Important Details Nobody Mentions About Ferguson

It’s a shame that, as so often happens on The Daily Show, a comedy publication is doing a better job of reporting than the supposedly-serious mainstream media.  But then, it’s always been the jester’s job to tell the truth.

The second isn’t nearly as important, but it is one of our national obsessions:

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Trying To Lose Weight

I, and quite a few people I love, struggle with our weight.  And considering the problems that men in my family have with heart health, it’s not just a matter of vanity for me.  I’m aided in my efforts to stay healthy by the city I live in – New York is very much a walking city – and the fact that I like to take long walks for fun.  Unfortunately, I’m hindered by my sit-at-a-desk job and the fact that you can’t turn around in New York without stepping in good food.

This writer’s analysis makes a lot of sense, and I have to say that I’ve been doing something much like what he recommends for some time now.  It doesn’t give the results that I was crowing about earlier this year when I was eating cereal bars for breakfast, Lean Cuisines for lunch, and counting every calorie.  On the other hand, I don’t spend my afternoons low on energy, body literally craving calories anymore.  It’s easier to make good food decisions when you can walk past the convenience store on the way to your train without yearning toward the sweet, sweet energy in a Nutrageous bar.  And my runs on my treadmill just seem to be getting easier.




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Some More Perspective on The Poors

About a month and a half ago, I put up a post discussing the distorted view this country has of The Poors.  In truth, my own contributions were limited; most of the post was devoted to links to articles at Cracked.com, articles that were surprisingly well-researched, gave first-person views from the inside of poverty, and yet were entertaining enough that I had reason to hope that readers would keep reading.

I haven’t had another facebook fight like the one that precipitated the last post, but as long as the political tone in this country is (and is likely to remain) “the Poors aren’t suffering enough, what else can we cut?”, there’s always room for more.  And once again, the good writers at Cracked have provided.
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