Angelina and Vicki At The Last


The brave young women you see before you are Angelina Santos-de la Cruz and Vicki Powers, the heroines of my novel Hometown.  I can’t tell you exactly what they’re facing because, well, that would be telling.  This scene is from the end of the novel, and Angelina and Vicki are facing the final horror with nothing but a flathead screwdriver, an injured leg, and their indomitable wills.

The thing they’re facing might be in more trouble than it thinks.

Thanks to the talented MJ Barros for this marvelous interpretation of my two heroines.


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New Policy Going Forward


Hey all!

One week from today, I will take Turning the Curse Part 1 down from my Amazon page.  Going forward, I will only be posting novellas at Amazon once they’re completed, no more of this chapter-by-chapter stuff.

But don’t worry!  The complete novella should be completed before too long, and until then, I’ve got some other stories on the way.

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My Trending Stories

Hey, all!

I’ve resolved some technical and other issues I was having with My Trending Stories, so I’ve created my profile, and even posted my first article!  Head on over and take a look!

More good stuff coming very soon.  Just give me a weekend to put it together…



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Princess of the Fire Nation, by Elésiane Huve

Sartorially Smart Heroines‘s sharp-as-usual analysis of Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It should be noted that Azula’s choice of outfit is not unexpected. The Fire Nation royal family has a tradition of leading from the front: Azula’s uncle Iroh, the Fire Nation crown prince until he abdicated in favor of her father, led the Fire Nation’s campaign against the Earth Kingdom. His son, Azula’s cousin Lu Ten, was killed at the siege of Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom capital (which is a good example of why a lot of real-world monarchs don’t lead from the front. The line of succession can be broken really quickly that way). They’re well-suited to doing so, being some of the most powerful and best-trained firebenders around. And when they do, they wear standard Fire Nation military uniforms.

What I find particularly fascinating about Azula is her character arc. In season 2, she’s as SSH describes her: brilliant, vicious, and deadly. In season 3, however, we’re reminded that she’s still a 14-year-old girl. One who has, in her way, been abused as badly as her brother Zuko. Her father has forged her into a weapon, and she’s unable to function as anything else: she doesn’t know how to interact with people her own age (she tends to revert to her default mode of precise military timing, loud shouting and explosions), she believes in the absolute power of fear to control people and doesn’t know what to do when it fails, and she begins to decompensate when she’s taken out of an action-oriented role and put into an administrative one.

Of course, that last could be because she’s been put into the now-redundant role of Firelord after her father has declared himself worldwide emperor, proving that she was only ever a tool for him to use.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

azulaPrincess Azula, by Aliciane Art (Elésiane Huve)

Long Feng: “You have beaten me at my own game.”
Azula: “Don’t flatter yourself. You were never even a player.”

Re-watching episodes of A:TLA while writing this. I’ll admit that I’m a relative latecomer to the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom. I didn’t actually watch the series until after I’d bought all four seasons of The Legend of Korra, and I didn’t even watch Korra until a couple months after the series had ended. But I have to say that I love the Avatar Universe. I fell completely in love with the story, world-building, and characters. While the show features a stellar cast, all around, the Last Airbender character I felt most brilliantly written was the main villainess, Fire Nation Princess Azula.

I love that she’s so cartoonishly evil but without being cartoonishly inept—an extremely rare balance in storytelling. On top of…

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I’m Back

Hey, all.  Sorry for the long radio silence.  Part of it was for personal reasons: while I was incommunicado, Red Molly and I got married and went on our honeymoon.  If you ever have the opportunity to vacation at Sandals Montego Bay, I highly recommend it.  The ocean is like bathwater, and the food and drinks are delicious.  There are dozens of activities, but you can just as easily do nothing.  Watch out for the incidentals, though – you might not believe your eyes when you look at the form for their laundry service, but it really does cost a couple bucks per garment.

Of course, one could argue that I wasn’t exactly chatty before that.  I’ve spent a great deal of this year trying to work out what the balance should be between this blog and my new site, and on the whole, this blog has lost out.

Going forward, that’s going to change.

You see, I was recently invited to become a contributor at My Trending Stories, a site that aims to “give the power back to the creatives”.  This looks like a big opportunity to get wider exposure, and it’s my writing at this blog that got it for me.

On a more pragmatic level, this blog continues to have more followers and pageviews than my new site, despite all my neglect.

So here’s what’s going to happen going forward: this blog is going to be my “premiere theatre”.  Reviews, articles, first drafts of fiction…all of that will appear here first (with that in mind, it seems like the place could use a bit of renovating.  Anyway…).  My Trending Stories will be the “second-run theatre” or “syndication”, if you will.  They explicitly stated in their invitation that I could use reprints from my blog, so that’s what I’m going to do.  Finally, my Author’s Website will be my archive and my bookstore.  The blog will be for announcing new releases, and there will be pages containing my reviews, writing theory essays, and other things I think should be saved permanently (blog posts both here and there when those go up).

And I’m going to start liking, sharing, and commenting on my friends’ posts again, which is something I should never have let go for so long.

Glad to be back – hope y’all are still with me.

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Turning The Curse Part 1 is Now Available on Amazon, and Free to Download!


A brand new story up on Amazon for the first time in far too long! Here is the Amazon blurb:

It’s May Eve, and the full moon is shining down. Elizabeth Shipton is walking the moors outside McAllister’s Mill, and she is afraid.

For a beast has been harrying McAllister’s Mill for months – a werewolf. A half-human shape is spotted under the full moon, then, in the morning, half-human paw prints are found around ravaged flocks and herds.

No people have been killed yet, but Elizabeth fears that by coming out on this night, she may be volunteering to be the first. But that is a risk she must take, for she, alone out of all the people in McAllister’s Mill, knows who the werewolf is: the man she loves, William Archer.

Elizabeth doesn’t have the power or the skill to either fight the werewolf or protect him from his hunters, but there is one way she can save him: the werewolf’s blood rage cannot be stopped, but it can be redirected into other passions. To save the man she loves and the people of her town, Elizabeth Shipton offers herself up to the werewolf’s wild passions…and is shocked to find her own passions responding.

An homage to Hammer Films, Turning the Curse is an erotic supernatural romance.

Check out the updated Grindhouse page, the Turning the Curse main page, Turning the Curse Part 1’s home page, or just go straight to Amazon and download yourself a free copy. And as always, while you’re there, check out the rest of the library!

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Changeling Is Available for Free Download Now Through Thursday!

Changeling Title

I thought that I’d change it up a little this week, and have the featured story be a romance instead of horror. Of course, being who I am, even the romance is a bit uncanny.

If you want to see what I mean, head on over and download yourself a free copy of Changeling from Amazon.

And while you’re there, of course, check out the rest of the library.

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