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New Post and Page Up at Matthewkeville.com! Opening the Ocean at Coney Island 2018!

Hey all!  I had an amazing experience at the Mermaid Parade and Opening of the Ocean at Coney Island yesterday!  Check out my account here or here.


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Coney Island, June 3, 2017 – Scenes from Dreams of the Boardwalk

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Coney Island on a lovely spring day, and I got some great pictures of locations that happen to be important in Dreams of the Boardwalk.  I’ve set them up on their own page on my author page.  Check it out!

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Bad News…and Good News!

Hey, all.

Sorry I had to take down the chapters of Dreams of the Boardwalk that I had posted.  It seems that Amazon doesn’t appreciate it when you try to sell something that’s available online for free, even if what’s online for free is a first draft that went on to be significantly revised.

But that brings us to the good news: Dreams of the Boardwalk is completed and going up this week!  Stay tuned – just a couple days until everything is ready, and then Dreams of the Boardwalk will be available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!



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Dreams of the Boardwalk Part 3 of 5 up at Matthewkeville.com

Coney Island Boardwalk, Day to Night ™

Part 3 of Dreams of the Boardwalk is now up at matthewkeville.com!   Head on over for more of the story about teenage dreams, second chances, and the outpost on the City’s shining edge.

Careful, though!  This chapter is NSFW!  Our Heroine and Dream Boy finally get their night under the boardwalk.

An excerpt:

A few days later, I was back at Coney – running through the boardwalk night and headed from the West End to the amusement area.  The moon was full again, and there were fireworks exploding in the distance.

This time, I was wearing a black sundress with a pattern of white flowers – the perfect thing for a girl meeting her boyfriend for an evening of special romance…because tonight was the third reel.

(I was also wearing black half boots and a leather jacket that I knew was his, though I also knew that he would be wearing a jacket of his own when I saw him – my dreams just wouldn’t let me be less than badass, even when I was being all soft and frilly.)

As I approached the amusement area, I saw that my guess had been right.  This time, the Childs building was an amphitheatre, just as it was in the waking world, and there was a band playing inside.  I don’t know what band, but they were playing anthems of youth and joy and lowdown dirty goodtime teenage sexuality.

The crowd had spilled out of the amphitheatre, and were dancing on the boardwalk, under the streetlights.

(Watching them dance, I had the strangest…intuition?  Impression?  Presentiment?  Feeling?  They were all so young and strong and beautiful, but somehow I sensed that some of them had rode the planet around the Sun more times than I had.  Many more times.  Maybe it was because those whirling, stomping dancers were dressed in a spectrum of fashionable youth that went back to at least the Forties.  There were greasers, bobby socksers, hippies and punks.  People were done up in disco gear, heavy jewelry and big pants, Nineties earth tones, Eighties glam and Goth club gear.  And was that a zoot suit?  But how could that be?  This was just a dream, my dream.   They weren’t real.)

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Dreams of the Boardwalk Part 1 up at matthewkeville.com

Coney Island Boardwalk, Day to Night ™

Part 1 of a new story up at matthewkeville.com.  Check out the story about teenage dreams, second chances, and the outpost on the City’s shining edge.

An excerpt:

On impulse, I glanced at the nearest reflective surface – a bar window, as it happened – and saw myself as I’d always imagined in my old wish-dreams, complete with skintight jeans, high-heeled boots, spiky leather jacket, and my fiery red hair in a perfect Eighties mane of my own, the kind that was almost impossible to achieve without professional help, but it was perfect anyway. More than perfect.  Instead of being hard and rigid with hairspray, it was soft and wild and voluminous, the ideal that everyone strived for but no one ever really achieved.

(Also, my tits were perky and my ass was smooth and round and tight like they hadn’t been for decades, if ever.)

I looked like Tawny Kitaen in Here I Go Again.

I also looked eighteen.


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Coney Island – May 30, 2015

So I got a new phone this weekend.  The old one was dying.  Battery wouldn’t hold a charge, functions weren’t working as they should, the whole nine yards.  So I got a new one.  With the trade-in,  it hurt a lot less than I thought it would.

And I must say, I am just amazed by the camera on this thing.  It seems like just a few years ago when I got a digital camera that was top of the line at five megapixels, and now my phone has 21, and that isn’t even its primary function.  The march of technology is amazing.

(I had a camera on my old phone, of course, but it kinda sucked.)

So now that I have this amazing new camera that I carry around with me wherever I go anyway, you might start to see a few more photo album posts around here.

For example, I got my new phone last Saturday – the day mentioned in the title, oddly enough.  On that same day, I went to – you guessed it! – Coney Island.  Coney Island last Saturday was significantly warmer than the last time I went, but it was still a bit chilly.  Long stretches of the beach were deserted.  So I tried to see if I could capture the stark beauty of it with my new camera – the chill wind and the blowing sand:


I think it worked.  Then I realized (as I was walking past it) that there was one Coney Island landmark, that I don’t think I’d ever shared:


I have no idea what that is.  Part of an older boardwalk?  Last remnant of a long-gone amusement park?  Anybody know?

And finally…


That’s the jetty at the West End.  The borderline.  The end of Coney.  And beyond it…


It feels like looking over the edge of the world.  That bridge in the distance is the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

That’s all I have for now, but I think you can expect more posts showcasing whatever piece of wonder or beauty I’ve seen.  As for Coney, that idea of a “Twelve Months of Coney” feature is sounding better and better.  Stay tuned…

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Coney Island Spring

 Coney Island Greeting Card

I made my first trip of the year out to Coney Island this past weekend.

I meant to write about it sooner, but certain distractions intervened, including what’s turning out to be a poorly-received movie review. Possibly a bad choice there.
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