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New Post and Page Up at Matthewkeville.com! Opening the Ocean at Coney Island 2018!

Hey all!  I had an amazing experience at the Mermaid Parade and Opening of the Ocean at Coney Island yesterday!  Check out my account here or here.


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Toronto Terrorist’s Motivations Start To Become Clear

So it turns out that Alek Minassian, the man who drove a van into a crowd in Toronto yesterday, killing ten people (mostly women, as was his intention) was indeed a terrorist of sorts.  No, not Muslim, not Christian, incel:

Toronto Terrorist Deliberately Targeted Women

Incel Terrorism: Alek Minassian, Alleged Killer Of Ten In Toronto Van Attack Was Inspired By Elliott Rodger

Incels Hail Toronto Van Driver Who Killed 10 As A New Elliott Rodger, Talk Of Future Acid Attacks And Mass Rapes

For those who didn’t follow that first link, “incel” means “involuntarily celibate”.  Yes, there’s actually an online movement of people who feel oppressed because they can’t get laid.  Why yes, they’re almost all white men.  Why do you ask?

Incels have built up an elaborate alternate reality where they themselves are hideous (when you see pictures, most are pretty ordinary-looking.  They just have ridiculous standards – there are whole conversations about wrist thickness), and thus doomed to never have sex ever, because society is prejudiced against ugly white men more than anyone else.  This would just be ridiculous and pathetic if they didn’t spend all of their time working themselves up into a frothing hatred of “Chads” (sexually-active men) and “Stacies” (sexually-active women, also known as “Femoids” and “Roasties” [known as such because labia allegedly look like roast beef], who are assumed to deliberately deny incels the sex they deserve out of spite), hero-worshiping Elliott Rodger and planning their revenge on the world that has so cruelly cast them out.

Because Alek Minassian is a white man, the media will try to fit him into the “mentally ill lone wolf” narrative.  And he may indeed be mentally ill, but that’s not why he did this.  He’s a terrorist.  But because his goal – his and his movement’s – is primarily to terrorize women, he won’t be called that.

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New Page Up At MatthewKeville.com

Hey all!

New page up at Matthewkeville.com!  The promotional art for “Angelina And Vicki At The Last” has been up there for a while, but the explanation for it has been lost in the blog archives here.  That’s fixed now.

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New Post up at MatthewKeville.com

Hey all!

New post up at Matthewkeville.com, explaining where I’ve been all this time, and what’s coming.  Check it out!

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The Unforgiving Minute

Powerful stuff. And very important to hear.


Laurie Penny | Longreads | November 2017 | 12 minutes (3,175 words)

“I’m sick of being asked to suffer so a man can grow.”

– Alexandra Petri

“Everyone. Fucking. Knew.”

– Scott Rosenberg

This is actually happening.

The so-called “revelations” about endemic male sexual aggression in Hollywood, in the media, in politics, in the tech world, and in communities large and small have not stopped, despite every conceivable effort to dismiss, discredit, shame, and belittle the survivors coming forward to demand a different world. The most uncomfortable revelation is the fact that none of this, really, was that revelatory.

A great many people knew. Maybe they didn’t know all of it, but they knew enough to feel tainted by a complicity that hobbled their compassion.

It turns out that this isn’t about individual monsters. It never was. This is about structural violence, about a culture that decided long ago that…

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“Donald Trump Is The First White President”

Ta-Nehisi Coates has published a new article at The Atlantic called “Donald Trump Is The First White President“, and everyone needs to read it now. Right now. And then everyone needs to share it on their social media, their blogs, everything. It is incredibly powerful and it is incredibly important.

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Some Places You Can Donate

Hey, all!  Time for a little bit of good that’s easy to do.

First, here are two links if you’re interested in supporting arts and culture:

A Kickstarter for Schoolbooks and Sorcery – LGBTQ-Inclusive YA Anthology (Only 8 days left.  This one is the most time-restricted.  I would very much like to see this succeed, since a dear friend is a contributor.  They’re painfully close, but you know how Kickstarter works: all or nothing.)

Donations for Coney Island USA, the arts organization the preserves Coney Island culture, maintains the Coney Island museum, and puts on such programs as the Mermaid Parade (includes pictures of Mermaid Parades past, so may be NSFW)

Then there are some fundraisers to help some online friends of mine.

First, a fundraiser for a friend who’s temporarily down on her luck and needs help making her bills.

Finally, a fundraiser for a friend who has a more specific need for help with his medical bills.

Give what you can and pass the word!



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