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Hometown Now On Sale!


The  $0.99 sale on Hometown downloads is now a go!  Head on over to Amazon and check it out!


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Sale on Hometown Beginning October 11!


It’s the Fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford, New York. The leaves are turning, the kids are going back to school, and the heat of Summer is giving way to a cool, misty season. It happens every Fall. Only this Fall, people are disappearing into that mist. Some people are found torn apart, some people are found dead for no reason, and some people aren’t found at all. Other people see strange things in the mist: ghosts and campfire stories. There’s something out there in that mist. Something old. Something that has slept for a long time, but has now woken up hungry. Maybe the people of Belford could resist it, but as the terrible Fall wears on, more and more of them start…changing. Acting bizarre and violent. In the end, only a small group of teenage defenders are left to make their stand.

Just in time for the season of dark magic, the story of the hometown you can never escape and the things from the cold fall mist is going to be on sale at Amazon for a mere $0.99 per download.  Don’t miss it!


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Today Is The Last Day of the Prize Bucks Free Giveaway!


Like the headline says, today is the final day to get yourself a free copy of Prize Bucks, a story of the creature who is the ultimate embodiment of the hunted becoming the hunter:

“She’s called Deer Woman,” the Sheriff continued, as if she’d never paused in her explanation…“And she’s been doing this for a long time. Centuries. Since before the white man came.”

“She’d come out of the woods and join the celebration…after a few hours of dancing, she’d pick the strongest, handsomest, bravest warrior and go off into the woods with him…She only ever took the best: the strongest, the handsomest…the prize bucks.”

Free for just a few more hours.  And if you like it, why don’t you check out the rest of my work on Amazon?  While you’re there, hit “Follow” so you can keep up with new releases.

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Prize Bucks Is Now Available And Free on Amazon!


Edward Fontclair has just watched his best friend die.

Wealthy and handsome, bright and popular, Shawn Connell seemed to have everything – including a few nasty secrets.

Edward shared those secrets and tagged along on Shawn’s little adventures, taking whatever scraps he could get…until the night that Shawn ran into something nastier than himself, and Edward came back with the story of the thing with a beautiful face that hunted young men.

The ultimate example of the hunted becoming the hunter is now available (and free!) at Amazon!  If you like it, check out the rest of the library as well.

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New Release on Sunday!


Coming up this Sunday, September 20, I have a new short story going up at Amazon in honor of Fall and the approaching deer hunting season, a story some of you may remember from the early days of this blog: Prize Bucks.

Prize Bucks features an entity that I would dearly love to see fully profiled at A Book of Creatures, the Native American siren known as Deer Woman.



Deer Woman Sketch

Deer Woman Headlights

Some of you may be familiar with Deer Woman from the Masters of Horror episode of the same name by John Landis – I suspect that anyone reading this blog is more likely to have seen it than most – but I actually discovered her long before that episode ever aired, and was intrigued by the idea of a bogey(wo)man who hunted strapping young men. Change to the usual script, that.

I’ll be celebrating the story’s publication with a five-day free giveaway. One warning: the story is pretty raunchy. Like many supernatural seductresses, Deer Woman has more than murder on her mind when it comes to her victims.

In any case, keep your eye out for future stories featuring the cervine seductress. Deer Woman may be something of a one-trick pony doe, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one story to be told.

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Lottery Winner Is Now Available!

Lottery Winner Cover

John Weston has been living the good life. A successful relationship, a good business, and not one but several women on the side. Tonight, he found out why:

Every seven years, the town where he lives chooses a sacred king. For seven years, he has everything his heart desires; at the end of the seventh, he is sacrificed to ensure the prosperity of the town.

That’s bad enough, but something weird is going on – well, even weirder. All of the people trying to kill John Weston tonight are being as nice about it as they can, and they act like they’re doing him a favor. Like they’re saving him from something worse. What could possibly be worse?

The shameless corruption of Shirley Jackson’s timeless classic is now available on Amazon.

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Free Giveaway! Everybody Run, The Homecoming Queen Has Got…

Everybody Run Cover

Homecoming queen Deborah von Teufelsblut did some pretty nasty things to get her tiara, and now that she has it, things are getting even nastier. Yes, Debbie’s picking off the cheerleaders one by one, but not in the way you think. Debbie is doing this rampage for Johnny, but in the end, Johnny may have called up something he can’t put down.

The truth behind the music is available on Amazon absolutely free.  While you’re there, check out the rest of the library.

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