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First Day of the Tour

Rock and Roll Banner 4

Hey all!

Well, I have to admit that the tour is off to a bit of a slow start.  Still, we’ve got some good stuff coming.  In the meantime, check out today’s posts at:

Marebare’s Book Shelf



Stay tuned for more!


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Coming This Week – The Truth of Rock and Roll Online Book Tour!

Rock and Roll Banner 4

It’s finally here!

Tomorrow begins the online book tour, organized by iequalsalissa, for The Truth of Rock and Roll!  There will be different materials at each “stop” on the tour, and I heartily encourage you to check them out.  I will be posting links each day to that day’s “tour stops”.

I also encourage you to join us for a Facebook meet & greet on Friday night.  There will be ebooks, print copies, t-shirts, posters and other swag to be won.

And as a special extra, Hometown will also be free for download on April 30.  When else would I use that last free promotional day from Kindle Select than on the witches’ holiday?

Hope to see you all there!


I mean, look at this cover.


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Coming Attractions

So I’ve finished that post I was talking about last week. It’s taken more time and effort than a relatively short piece should have. It’s genuinely good. But I still don’t know if it’s right to post it. Damn. I have a feeling more than a week’s worth of work is slipping away from me. It happens to every writer, I guess, but you still hate it.

Anyway.   Enough of that.  I’ve got good news, and plenty of it.

First of all:

Black Dog Cover

The Guardian Cats of New York City: The Black Dog is now available for download for the first time ever at Amazon.

There is a place in the heart of the City where the lines of force converge. It is a place of peace that used to be a place of vengeance and horror. There is something there, just beneath the surface, that wants to make it a place of vengeance and horror again. And the only thing that stands in its way is a cat named Queenie and a black dog who is much, much more than what he seems.

Check it out.

Next I would like to announce what I’ve been preparing for all this time:

Rock and Roll Banner 4

That’s right: I’m working with iequalsAlissa again.  Stay tuned!

And finally, during that same week…


I’ve used up most of my free promotional days for Hometown for this quarter.  All but one.  And that one is going to be April 30.

That’s right.  Walpurgis Nacht.  The witches’ holiday.  What other day could it be.

If you missed your chance before, don’t miss it now.

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My Testimonial at (and for) iequalsAlissa

Here it is.

I think this may be the beginning of a good working relationship.

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Yesterday’s Book Blitz for Hometown


Yesterday’s book blitz for Hometown went about as well as I would have dared to hope.  322 units moved, and while “sales” promptly fell back to earth once the price went back up, that’s hundreds of people who didn’t have Hometown before, and who knows how many who know about Hometown who didn’t before.  I can hope it’s the start of something.

First, I’d like to thank iequalsAlissa for everything she’s done.  After a free sample like this, I will almost certainly be back for the premium package.  I recommend her to anyone.

Next, I’d like to thank all of the bloggers who participated in the book blitz.  I invite everyone to go check them all out:

iequalsAlissa herself

Mythical Books

Nerd Girl

The Avid Book Collector

Here Is What I Read

Obsessed By Books

Fictional Rendezvous

Author Sandra Love

Musings of the Book-a-holic Fairies


Mary Terrani

While you’re there, check out what else they have to offer.

And don’t feel bad if you missed your chance at a free Kindle copy of Hometown.  I have another promotion coming up this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, where Hometown will once again be absolutely free!  Alternatively, I’m looking for book reviewers.  Contact me (writing a comment for this post is sufficient, but you can also use the email address on the “About” page), and I can send you a PDF advance copy.  Then when you’ve written your review, let me know and I can link to it here.

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Preparing for the First Promotion

Hometown banner Final

So here we go!

The first of my upcoming promotions will be a “book blitz” with iequalsalissa on March 2 (as you can see above).

Here is alissa’s announcement, complete with some of the promotional materials.

If you want to participate (and you’re more than welcome), here is where you can sign up so your blog can take part in the book blitz, and here is where you can sign up to assist with the book blitz’s thunderclap.

More news to come as the promotions progress.  Remember, on the day of the promotions, Hometown will be available for download from Amazon absolutely free!  Stay tuned.



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