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The 5 Creepiest Details from GQ’s Long-Awaited Account of A Voice for Men’s Conference Last Summer

Jesus Christ.

*Takes a moment to gain composure*

You really should take a few minutes and read the whole thing, but if you only have time to check out the high points, this is what you need to see.

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A Voice for Men's Paul Elam: Still not ready for his closeup A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam: Still not ready for his closeup

A few days before alleged “men’s human rights” website A Voice for Men held its first convention last summer, the site’s founder and head boy Paul Elam put up a post imploring the alleged human rights activists planning to attend the event not to go around calling women bitches and whores and cunts, because the news media would be there, and this might make his little human rights movement look bad.

I’m paraphrasing here; Elam was a teensy bit more euphemistic, telling his followers that anyone caught “trash-talking women, men, making violent statements … anything that can be used against us” would get a very stern talking-to and, if they persisted, would be asked to leave.

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Thursday Links: Why some women choose not to report rapes, and what happens when they do

Because there’s always some asshole who asks why the victim never reported it to the police, as if that’s incontrovertible proof that it never happened.

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Lena Dunham: Why I Chose To Speak Out, on Buzzfeed

Rape apologists, in an attempt to silence victims, hurt an innocent man, by Amanda Marcotte on Pandagon/Raw Story

How Police And Hospitals Shut Down Rape Victims, by Danielle Campoamor on Buzzfeed

I’m a victim of sexual assault and the law failed. How many of us must speak out for you to believe? by Megan Carpentier on The Guardian

This next story is almost unbelievable: There existed, until earlier this week, a PR firm in Austin called Strange Fruit PR. You know, like the Billie Holiday song. The Billie Holiday song ABOUT LYNCHING. Apparently the founders of the firm (who were, of course, white) thought they could use the phrase t0 mean “someone who stood out in a crowd.”

Strange Fruit PR Firm Vanishes After Getting a History Lesson From Twitter, by Yesha Callahan on The Root

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Interesting Links – 10/15/2014

I found this article on Daily Kos a couple of days ago:

If the GOP has thoroughly accomplished one thing in the past 6 years, it’s this

“This” is to teach the American public, or at least their portion of it, to hate and scorn unskilled laborers in a way they had once reserved for people who used their welfare money to buy crack.  It doesn’t matter if you work eighty hours a week at your three minimum wage jobs, you are worth less as a person because you’re a minimum-wage worker, you don’t deserve to make enough money to feed your family, and you should be grateful for whatever your corporate liege lords choose to bestow upon you in their generosity.

This story, on the other hand, is breaking news:

Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Talk at Utah State After Receiving Threat of Another “Montreal Massacre.”

This fine moment in Western civilization brought to you by anti-feminist terrorists, #Gamergate, and gun laws whose only purpose is to promote guns at the expense of public safety.  A bit more information here.

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Stuff You Absolutely Have to Read: Kathy Sierra and Adria Richards on Harassment and “Trolls”

Yes, everyone does need to read this stuff.
For those who dismiss cyberbullying and online harassment as “people saying mean things on the internet”…this is why you’re wrong.

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5c6Sometimes when I post links, they’re simply interesting things I’ve run across. These, though, are essential reads:

Why the Trolls Will Always Win, by Kathy Sierra, Wired

A detailed post by Java expert and game developer Sierra describing the harassment and vilification she’s faced for the crime of, well, basically for being a woman in the tech world. While long and a bit rambling in spots, this is an important piece that, among other things, describes how harassers can sometimes transform slanderous assertions about their targets into “conventional wisdom,” details the damage that “trolls” can have on a person’s reputation (and their life generally), and offers some sobering reflections on the culture of harassment and how difficult it can be to fight.

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To Elaborate On PUA’s

Over the last few days, I’ve thrown a lot of acronyms at you, most with little explanation. As I’ve mentioned before, this is why a person with a lot of experience in a subject isn’t always the best teacher: they forget what it’s like to not know the basics. On many of the feminist sites I frequent, the terms MRA, PUA and MGTOW are thrown around casually, because everyone knows.
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For New Readers: An Intro to the Men’s Rights Movement and the New Misogyny

Guess Dave Futrelle is getting a lot of new traffic in recent days. Here is a useful guide that will help you understand some of my own posts going forth.

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MRAs, always complaining about something. MRAs, always complaining about something.

If you’re one of the new readers who’ve come to this blog in recent days, and you’d like to get up to speed in a hurry on the Men’s Rights movement and all the other sorts of misogynists we discuss on this blog, here are some posts that you may find interesting and useful.

The Mammoth FAQ What I’m trying to do with the blog, as well as an explanation of the name.

White Hot Rage: A piece I did for The American Prospect reviewing Michael Kimmel’s Angry White Men and offering a critical overview of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: In His Own Words: Some truly reprehensible quotes from the most influential MRA online

Warren Farrell’s notorious comments on date rape: Not any more defensible in context than out of it A closer look at some…

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The Santa Barbara Shooter Spews MRA Mind-Poison Before Going On His Shooting Spree

I put up a post yesterday (linking to this post on We Hunted The Mammoth, formerly Manboobz) about Elliot Rodger, the shooter who killed six college students and wounded seven before killing himself on Friday night at UC Santa Barbara.

Dave Futrelle, writer of We Hunted The Mammoth, has spent several years now chronicling what he calls “the new misogyny”: the MRA’s (Men’s Rights Activists, for those fortunate enough not to know), the PUA’s (Pick Up Artists – it’s much nastier than it sounds) and the MGTOW’s (Men Going Their Own Way, who never actually do, but rather spend all their time talking about how they should because women are so horrible).  These are people who don’t fit in well with the traditional patriarchy (many consider a traditional housewife to be a parasite who “sits on her ass all day eating bon-bons” while stealing her hardworking husband’s money, for example), but who deeply resent the independence available to women in the modern world.

As Dave points out in the linked post, Rodger’s pre-murder-spree rant is almost a boilerplate example of the anti-woman propaganda the New Misogynists put out.  This post at Daily Kos illustrates just how deep Rodger was into the subculture.

Whatever else was wrong with this kid’s head, it was shaped, focused and encouraged by what he found among the New Misogynists.  They told him that he was entitled to any woman or sex he wanted.  They told him that women were evil, selfish creatures who liked to make men – especially “beta males” – suffer out of spite, and denying him his rightful access to pussy was part of that.

And he listened.

This is not the first time this has happened.

In fact, the New Misogynists follow a pattern similar to the Anti-Choice movement: they demonize their opposition, talk about how evil they are and how much they deserve to be punished, until – surprise! – one of their less-stable members actually goes and does it.  Then, they act all shocked and horrified.  We never advocated violence (explicitly enough for charges to stick)!  You can’t blame us for this!

But then they go back to business as usual, but now it has a little bit more of an edge: better watch out.  If we don’t like you, something bad might happen to you.  But it won’t be our fault, of course.


When I was younger, I went through periods of bitterness and resentment toward women.  There were even times when I believed that “Girls Don’t Like Boys, Girls Like Cars And Money” bullshit.

I got better.  And I am eternally grateful for two things:

1) That even at my worst, I managed to keep several female friends.  The cognitive dissonance between “Girls Don’t Like Boys Girls Like Cars And Money” and the fact that none of the actual women I knew were like that eventually helped to pull my head out of my ass.  The fact that some of them were patient enough to explain how things looked from their side helped even more.  (Which leads me to another thing I’m grateful for, I suppose: that I was never too far gone to listen.)  Sharon, Chris, Dana – thank you.

2) That the internet hadn’t developed to the extent it has today.  Hell, in some of my earlier resentful periods, it could hardly have been said to exist at all.  If it had, I might have found the MRA’s and the PUA’s (I was never going to Go My Own Way – I’m too much of a romantic, or, failing that, a horndog), and I might have been drawn in.  I might have allowed myself to be poisoned by their mental pollution, because it fit my existing prejudices.  Reinforced by a subculture full of nasty anti-woman rants, would I have kept and listened to my friends?  Or would they have just become more of the enemy?  I don’t know.

That’s why this shit can no longer go unanswered.  Men of good will have to speak up.  Dave Futrelle has been keeping a lonely vigil for some years now, and that has to change.

This blog is not going to become a political blog.  There’s still going to be fiction, and reviews, and posts on writing theory.  But this blog has also always been a platform for me to talk about shit I care about.

And this is now officially shit I care about.



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