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Dreams of the Boardwalk Cover Art – Final Update


Ruben de Vela has sent me the final version of the cover for Dreams of the Boardwalk (well, he’s going to send me a final-final version soon, now that he has his payment, but it’s essentially just a larger version of this)!  Isn’t it beautiful?  As with the previous times I’ve worked with Ruben, the picture turned out very differently than I originally envisioned, but in many ways, it’s even better.  Here’s a version without the title placeholder:


Future chapters of Dreams of the Boardwalk will have this as their header, and when I assemble and edit it for the final novella, this will be its cover.  In the meantime, this art has taken up a permanent home in my promotional art gallery at matthewkeville.com.

(I just can’t get over how awesome that picture is!  That’s Sarah, right there!  Deep in her dream and dancing in a hot summer night.)



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New Promotional Art Gallery Up At Matthewkeville.com!

Hey, all!

I’ve assembled all of the promotional art for my work into a single gallery over at matthewkeville.com, complete with links to the works themselves.

Check it out!

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Dreams of the Boardwalk News


Big news, everybody!  The first draft of Dreams of the Boardwalk has been completed!

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be posting one chapter at a time, updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I already have some ideas for what I’m going to do with the second draft, but I would very much like to hear from all of you.  Please read and review!

Meanwhile, if you’ll look above, you’ll see Ruben de Vela‘s latest draft of the cover art.  Lovin’ it so far.

Stay tuned!

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Dreams of the Boardwalk Cover Art – Update 1


Well, what do you know!  No sooner do I put up my post about the Dreams of the Boardwalk cover art than I get an updated version from the artist, Ruben de Vela!

If you’re wondering about the photos attached to the cover, those are just references for the artist.  Our heroine’s outfit and dancing style are based on this video, which is from a 2001 tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber (and before that, from his show Whistle Down the Wind.  Would it surprise you to know that he did that show in collaboration with Jim Steinman?).  The combination of innocence and badass in the women’s costumes – sundresses with leather jackets and boots – was something I was hoping to capture, and I think Ruben has done a wonderful job.

Also, she’s dancing, and he needed a reference for her dance style, didn’t he?

The character’s personal look is based on Tawny Kitaen, an actress and model whose heyday was back when MTV still showed music videos, and a whole generation rushed home after school to watch them.  Her most famous role, which is branded into the memories of an entire generation of men who were old enough to like girls in the mid-to-late Eighties, can be seen here.

Yes, there’s a reason our heroine looks like a beloved Eighties icon, but you’ll have to read the story to find out what that reason is.  First couple chapters go up next week…

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Dreams of the Boardwalk Cover Art


When it became clear that Dreams of the Boardwalk was going to be much longer than I expected, I decided to make it a stand-alone novella instead of (or rather, in addition to) one more short story in a collection of short stories about New York City.

When I made that decision, I contacted the talented Ruben de Vela, the artist who created the covers of Hometown and The Truth of Rock and Roll.  What you see above was the first sample he sent me.  I like it a lot, but I wanted to see a bit more of our heroine, so this is what he sent next:


That was more like it.  Doesn’t she look joyously badass, dancing in her summer dream?

Of course, this is still just a sample.  If you followed that link to Ruben’s Deviantart page (or have seen the covers for Hometown or The Truth of Rock and Roll), you know that Ruben’s completed work is far more awesome.  So stay tuned.  In the meantime, Dreams of the Boardwalk itself is nearly complete – or at least its first draft is.  So very soon, I’m going to start posting it here, chapter by chapter, for you to enjoy and review.  And after that, the big unveiling of the e-book.  So stay tuned for all that, as well.


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Update #1 to Hometown Cover

River Valley 2nd Step

Just a small update.  Some colors and structures added.  We’re about halfway through the process, which means he’s earned his first payment.

And for some deleted scenes action, check out these two alternative covers that, awesome as they are, just weren’t what Hometown needed.


River Valley 2nd Step Reject - Dragon Arm

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First Sketch of Hometown Cover


There you have it, the first sketch from Ruben de Vela, the same artist who did the cover for The Truth of Rock and Roll (still for sale in The Bookstore).  I’m very pleased with it, and he’s just getting started.

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