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Halloween Carols 2015 – The Season of Dark Magic

And so, with last week’s celebration of the Slasher as prologue, I bring to you my full collection of Halloween Carols – the anthems of the season of dark magic:

Charlie Daniels tells us about the things that hide out in that real country dark:

Next is one of my old favorites, because this holiday is about laughter along with the fear:

Two by Lordi.  One that’s explicitly set on Halloween, apparently one where the Underworld breaks loose:

And the other just about the day when the monsters rise up and the jokers become kings:

The next two don’t have anything in their lyrics to suggest Halloween or horror, but the videos are just too perfect:

The next two are two classic rockers singing about one of the classic monsters (both brought to you by Red Molly):

Next we have the people of Halloween Town telling us about their world (second version has a higher quality picture, but includes more of the prologue):

And of course, as the grand finale, this year and every year, the greatest horror music video of all time:

Happy Halloween.  Watch next week for my Halloween Short Film Festival.



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Welcome to October!

The season of dark magic is upon us…

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Halloween Carols 2

Happy Halloween, everyone!  It’s a horror hound’s favorite holiday!  Like last year, I thought I’d celebrate with some Halloween carols!

First, the traditional song to open the season:

Then…the Halloween monsters come out:

…and ride forth across the land.

We don’t really see any indication that those cheerleaders did anything to deserve being turned into demon-zombies, but I must admit that it does this old nerd’s heart good to see the beautiful people fleeing before the outcast who had the courage to face the monsters.

But now, let’s hear things from the monsters’ perspective:

And see how they celebrate this most monstrous of holidays:

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the greatest Halloween music video of all time:

Well, that’s about it.  Hope you all enjoyed.  Happy Halloween all, and keep safe.  You don’t know what’s out there in the shadows…


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Halloween Film Festival

Hey, all.

Red Molly and I are spending today at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, for the biggest day of their series of horror film screenings in honor of Halloween.  Today, we see Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney version), The Bride of Frankenstein, and Night of the Living Dead (original) on the big screen.

I’d encourage everyone who can make it to do so, but tickets are first come, first served.

For those who can’t make it, I thought I’d just give you a little film festival of my own in compensation.

First, the event we’ve all been waiting decades for finally occurs:

Next, a short film with an important warning for us all:

And finally, a short film about how you should really behave if you find yourself in a horror movie this Halloween:

Yeah, as you might’ve guessed, I think Halloween should be more about the fun kind of horror than the truly dark and bleak.  If you’d like a bit of sexy, zombie-chopping fun, take a look at my Stay Living post; for some outright horror-comedy, take a look back to Redshirt Films from last week; and for some true chillers, visit the Nightmare Film Festival.

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Halloween Viewing List

Hello, all!

It’s that time again!  Every horror hound’s favorite time of year, when the night grows long and the chill sets in and the leaves begin dying in their bright colors. When dark magic runs gleefully through the streets and jack-o-lanterns glow from the windows and we count down the days until the night when the vampires seek the blue flame, when the dead walk the Earth and danse the macabre with the strange beautiful creatures in their masks.

Like many of you, I will honor this holiday by consuming as much horror-related and otherwise creepy media as I possibly can. Stephen King is on my reading list for this month, and of course, every DVD in my stack of movies to watch is horror.

My original plan for this post was to play this clip from a movie which, itself, is from one of my primary Halloween movies:

…and discuss how I’ve been using it as a cinematic “To Do” list for years now.

However, upon re-watching it, I realized that most of these movies were the “bright and shiny spaceship” type of science fiction instead of the “secretive alien invasion” type. With that in mind, I recommend that you watch this clip instead, which includes all of the references to anything horror ever, and use that as your Halloween checklist:

(For the record, this is how I’ve filled out my “Science Fiction Double Feature” checklist so far:

The Day the Earth Stood Still – only parts. Need to sit down and see the whole thing.

Flash Gordon – saw the absurd 1980 version with the Queen soundtrack, which is obviously not the one being discussed here. Not sure I want to see the older versions where Flash is defending us from the Yellow Peril FROM SPACE.

The Invisible Man, Claude Rains version – still need to see it.

King Kong, original – Saw it. Loved it, despite weirdness like the carnivorous Apatosaurus. Need to see it again.

It Came From Outer Space – Still need to see it.  Have bumped to the top of my Netflix queue.

Doctor X – Saw one movie with that title, but Dr. X was the hero. Perhaps there’s another?

Forbidden Planet – Saw it. Loved it. With its mysterious monster, might be a good Halloween movie despite the bright shininess.

Tarantula – Saw it. Review is coming soon, I swear.

Day of the Triffids – Saw it. Not bad. Have to see it again, write a review for that one, too.

Don’t get the Dana Andrews reference. Can anyone help?

When Worlds Collide – Still need to see it.

RKO isn’t what it once was, but I still love me a late night double feature picture show. For some movies, that’s the only way the Elder Gods intended them to be watched.)

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Halloween Carols

Halloween Title Card

Hey, all.

Sorry I can’t do a proper Halloween post, but I’m focusing all of my attention on finishing up Hometown these days.  As it is, my buffer is getting very thin.  Fortunately, we’re close to the end.

Still, I of all people could not allow Halloween to pass without some form of commemoration, so I thought we could all just celebrate with a few Halloween carols.

We start with something light, one that serves as an intro to Halloween itself:

Then we follow up with one that’s more obscure, but one of my personal favorites:

And we finally finish up with the greatest Halloween carol of all time…or at least the one with the greatest video.

Well, that’s all, folks.  Take care of yourselves tonight, and have a happy Halloween.

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