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A Voice for Men has set up a phony White Ribbon website to coopt the international anti-violence campaign of that name [UPDATE: Real WRC responds to AVFM]

Well. This is one of the more atrocious things I’ve seen in a while, and the Internet has been pretty nasty over the last couple days (more on that later). I knew MRA’s were terrible human beings, but this is a new low.

Here’s hoping that AVFM and Paul Elam personally are sued into bankruptcy. In the meantime, don’t be fooled. Accept no substitutes.

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Beware of cheap imitations Beware of cheap imitations

[UPDATE: The real White Ribbon Campaign has responded; I’ve added excerpts at the bottom.]

Apparently, A Voice for Men is just itching to be sued.

Paul Elam and the gang over at everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site have just launched a new website — WhiteRibbon.org — that seems pretty clearly designed to undermine and co-opt the real White Ribbon campaign, a long-running international initiative to fight violence against women.

The REAL White Ribbon campaign has a number of websites, reflecting its international reach — in Canada, where the initiative originated, as well as in the UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand. and other places. But apparently the organization didn’t buy up all the related domain names.

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Interesting Links – 10/15/2014

I found this article on Daily Kos a couple of days ago:

If the GOP has thoroughly accomplished one thing in the past 6 years, it’s this

“This” is to teach the American public, or at least their portion of it, to hate and scorn unskilled laborers in a way they had once reserved for people who used their welfare money to buy crack.  It doesn’t matter if you work eighty hours a week at your three minimum wage jobs, you are worth less as a person because you’re a minimum-wage worker, you don’t deserve to make enough money to feed your family, and you should be grateful for whatever your corporate liege lords choose to bestow upon you in their generosity.

This story, on the other hand, is breaking news:

Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Talk at Utah State After Receiving Threat of Another “Montreal Massacre.”

This fine moment in Western civilization brought to you by anti-feminist terrorists, #Gamergate, and gun laws whose only purpose is to promote guns at the expense of public safety.  A bit more information here.

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In a series of brilliant, furious Tweets, Zoe Quinn tears apart the myth that #GamerGate has “moved beyond” harassment of women

Zoe Quinn once again provides the evidence – as if there was any doubt – that #Gamergate is about harassing women and trying to drive them out of video games.

Oh, and for the little shit who asked Zoe Quinn and her boyfriend to stay out of “our games”? They are not your games. They were never your games, and no matter how much shit you throw, you will never be the dominant demographic again. Your world is over.

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Get over it, dudes. Get over it, dudes.

Zoe Quinn has had it.

Yesterday, fed up with the equivocating bullshit that’s constantly being said in the media and within gaming circles about #GamerGate, and pissed off at all those who think of themselves as good people but still refuse to see the hatred and misogyny and harassment and doxxing that has been central to GG since the start, Quinn posted a series of (justifiably) angry tweets calling out the cowards in the profession who know that what’s going on is deeply evil but won’t say anything, and documenting the unending harassment she and her boyfriend, and her family, and his family are still getting.

Was that even a sentence? I don’t know. The point is she’s STILL getting harassed. She’s STILL getting “prank” calls. She’s STILL getting death threats. People are STILL digging around in her personal life and the personal life of…

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Yet another woman in gaming has been driven from her home by death threats

#Gamergate finds another woman to harass.

#Gamergate is about harassing women and trying to drive them out of video games. It was always about harassing women and trying to drive them out of video games. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

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Post memes on Twitter making fun of #GamerGaters, get death threats. Post memes on Twitter making fun of #GamerGaters, get death threats.

The memes above? A fan of indie game developer Brianna Wu made them, using the text from some of Wu’s acerbic tweets about #GamerGaters. Wu thought the memes were funny, and posted them to Twitter.

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