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The Discarded

A friend from Slacktivist writes one of the most terrifying dystopias I’ve ever read. Terrifying because this is the dystopia that some the Kochs, the Mercers and others of our billionaire overlords are working toward right now (after all, to them it’s a paradise).

Also terrifying because this is an oppressive dystopia that doesn’t even need to use the brute force tactics of a totalitarian government. No death squads, no torture chambers, no Thought Police (though there is a hell of a Memory Hole). Everyone is their own jailer.

House of the Dread

“You’re the reporter, right?”

“Yes, Allison Stone with the Times. You’re ‘Cindy’?”

“That’s what they call me,” Cindy said. “So what do you want?”

“I just wanted to talk to you. I’m doing a story on the-“

“Discards,” Cindy said.

“I was going to say Corporate Family Adoptee Program.”

Cindy laughed. “That’s what they call it, huh?”

“The official name anyway,” Allison said.

“I’ve only heard us called ‘Discards’,” Cindy said. “Usually by people screaming at me for taking their job. Do you mind if I smoke?”

“If it makes you more comfortable.”

“I should quit. I really should,” Cindy said. She took a cigarette out of its carton, lit it, and took a long drag. “It takes up more and more of my credits every month. Vice taxes, you know. Fucking government. What do you want to know?”

“You understand what the program is?”

“Well, I lived it. But…

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Hometown Excerpt #1 – Parking


 The sale on Hometown continues – just $1.99 on Kindle for three more days.  And as always, it remains available in paperback and absolutely free on Kindle Unlimited.

In honor of the occasion, I’d like kick off a little program I’ve been planning for a while now: fiction teasers.

All fiction on sale at Amazon has samples available for the customer to read.  Starting now and going forward, I’m going to share those samples with y’all, in the hopes that little taste may make you want more.  Of course, since Hometown is so huge, even the small percentage available as a sample is going to take us a few posts to cover.

So join me below the fold for “Parking”, the opening section of Hometown.  Careful, it’s definitely rated R.

(PS – while you’re checking out Hometown, you may also want to check out the rest of the library as well.)


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Guys! Guys! You Totally Have To Check This Out!

Everyone who follows this blog knows I love monsters.  I will forgive a lot of crap in a book, movie or TV show if they have a neat monster.

Well, the new blog A Book of Creatures is nothing but a list of real-world mythological monsters (as opposed to, say, monsters that someone made up out of the whole cloth for a fantasy or horror story), complete with academic citations.

Monster lover that I am, I had only heard of one of these creatures (the Stymphalian birds)!

You’d better believe I’ll be watching this blog from now on.  There may be reblogs.  In the meantime, head over and check it out yourself.

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