The Guardian Cats of New York City: The Black Dog Is Available For Free Now Through Thursday!

The third story of The Guardian Cats is available for free download now through Thursday!  In this installment, we see how the Guardian Cats interact with other supernatural guardians

They are still among us, hidden here and there; the cats who remember the Old Compact: you provide a home for us, feed us, take care of us in our illness, and we will protect you from the dangers of the night. They operate below the sight lines of humanity, dealing with dangers that we would never notice until it was too late. They remember the old magics of Freya, Bast and Hecate. They are the Guardian Cats.

There is a place in the heart of the City where the lines of force converge. It is a place of peace that used to be a place of vengeance and horror. There is something there, just beneath the surface, that wants to make it a place of vengeance and horror again. And the only thing that stands in its way is a cat named Queenie and a black dog who is much, much more than what he seems.

Head on over to Amazon and download yourself a free copy of The Black Dog.  And as always, while you’re there, check out the rest of the library!


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