Bad News…and Good News!

Hey, all.

Sorry I had to take down the chapters of Dreams of the Boardwalk that I had posted.  It seems that Amazon doesn’t appreciate it when you try to sell something that’s available online for free, even if what’s online for free is a first draft that went on to be significantly revised.

But that brings us to the good news: Dreams of the Boardwalk is completed and going up this week!  Stay tuned – just a couple days until everything is ready, and then Dreams of the Boardwalk will be available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!




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2 responses to “Bad News…and Good News!

  1. Putting it up on KDP or Unlimited? Amazon shouldn’t have had an issue otherwise. Regardless, congratulations on the upcoming release!

    • Yep. As you deduced, it’s going up on KDP/Unlimited. It’s up now, actually, but I’m holding off on the official unveiling until the Kindle and Paperback entries link up, which apparently takes as much as 48 hours.

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