Tears of the Joyous Mare

It’s been too long since I’ve reblogged a story by Jason Abbot.

This bit of heartwarming fantasy/romance deals with a very current topic. It makes me wish that this kind of magic existed in our world, to help the people in this situation, and it reminds us that adventurers, as the ultimate outsiders, would probably be very open-minded.

Aethereal Engines

The stars had begun to take their places above the riders, and they approached the weathered sign of the Joyous Mare as it swayed in the twilight. The raucous noise from the tavern within drifted into the growing blanket of night, greeting the pair as they slowed their horses to a walk.

Atop a grey spotted gelding, a thin man regarded the sign and muffled revelry beyond it with a weary smile. “Well, this is it. Are you ready for the introductions, Izraeya?”

TotJM_2_PicThe stronger strut of his companion’s bay-colored stallion brought her alongside him, and Izraeya gave an eager nod. “I’m nervous and ready, Dirgten.”

Dirgten returned her nod before they stopped at the hitching posts. Dismounting, he looked to the warm light within the building of wattle and daub. His eyes surveyed its two stories of timbered framework before scrutinizing the old man sitting by the door, confirming…

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3 responses to “Tears of the Joyous Mare

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Matthew. And for enjoying this story of mine enough to share it on your blog! 🙂 Tears was started as a side project / break from a novelette that’s still due to be finished. But the piece grew a wonderful voice in the writing, and I’m quite happy with it as a decent mystery and love story that spurred me to add new details to enrich it’s setting of Burus. I’ll be proud to present it within my collection of fantasy stories that I’m putting together.

    • Hey, thanks for writing it. And I’m always glad to share something good with my readers. It’s just taken me a while to get this blog fully back up and running. Once I’ve finished up reading (and probably sharing) The Old Man of the Elder Trees, I’ll be heading over to Aetherial Engineer to check out your more recent stuff.

      But the piece grew a wonderful voice in the writing

      As with characters, the surest sign that a story is real is that it does something unexpected. And believe me, I can relate with side projects taking off while main projects languish.

      I’ll be proud to present it within my collection of fantasy stories that I’m putting together.

      Keep us posted. I’ll be looking to pick up a copy.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >Tears of the Joyous Mare | Dreams
    of the Shining Horizon <Loved it!

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