Dreams of the Boardwalk Cover Art – Final Update


Ruben de Vela has sent me the final version of the cover for Dreams of the Boardwalk (well, he’s going to send me a final-final version soon, now that he has his payment, but it’s essentially just a larger version of this)!  Isn’t it beautiful?  As with the previous times I’ve worked with Ruben, the picture turned out very differently than I originally envisioned, but in many ways, it’s even better.  Here’s a version without the title placeholder:


Future chapters of Dreams of the Boardwalk will have this as their header, and when I assemble and edit it for the final novella, this will be its cover.  In the meantime, this art has taken up a permanent home in my promotional art gallery at matthewkeville.com.

(I just can’t get over how awesome that picture is!  That’s Sarah, right there!  Deep in her dream and dancing in a hot summer night.)



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