First Empress Prologue (scenes 2 & 3)

Scenes two and three of the prologue to First Empress. We meet one of Queen Viarraluca’s teachers, and we get a look at what it means to be a hero and survive in this world.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

So I opted to put scenes 2 and 3 of the prologue together, since they’re both relatively short. Scene 2 introduces the physician/apothecary Esset who, like Ronnius and Lady Synnis, I’d intended larger roles for when originally planning the story out (in contrast with Elissa, who didn’t even have a name in my original draft of scene 1, but who eventually ended up cast as Queen Viarra’s lover). Scene 3 brings in General Derron, one of Viarra’s mentors and commander of her island forces.

Ronnius didn’t bother knocking when they arrived at Esset’s shop; he kicked the door in and barged up the stairs to the old man’s bedroom. “What in the—?” Esset yelped as Ronnius jerked him out of bed. “Ronnius? What in the hells has gotten into you, man?”

“There’s been an attack on the royal estate,” Ronnius said shortly, dragging the old man down the stairs…

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