First Empress Prologue (scene 1)

The beginning of Dubiousbyhabit’s saga of the extraordinary Queen Viarraluca. I can’t recommend it enough. Fascinating characters, an awesome protagonist, a fantasy setting that’s different from your generic Tolkien-based sword & sorcery #3786…this is some good stuff.

One warning, though: Dubious does not soften the brutality inherent in a bronze age setting. There will be times that even the heroes horrify you.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

Hi folks! So in preparation for NaNoWriMo, I’m going to go ahead and post excerpts to my blog and Tumblr. Partly I’m hoping for feedback, but I also just want people to be able to read and enjoy. The novel starts with a five-scene prologue, saved as chapter00 on my computer. Scene 1 was the very first scene I started writing in NaNoWriMo 2013. I began with a short epigram from Zahnia, the Chronicler and start in semi medias res. This first scene has undergone fairly extensive revision and will likely undergo many more. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

Would you like to hear my story? It’s a story about Empress Viarraluca, Tollesia’s greatest heroine and wisest ruler. There are many stories about her, you know—some truer than others. Some are based on research. Some are based on folklore. Some say she reigned for over two-hundred years…

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