Halloween Short Film Festival 2015

As promised last week, it’s time for this year’s Halloween short film festival!

My original plan was to make this a mega-festival, with every single horror short that I ever posted.  Unfortunately, it turns out that quite a number of my old favorites have been taken down or made private.  I’d downloaded most of them, but I’m not sure about the issues involved in uploading them to my own Youtube channel, so I decided to just put up a mix of old favorites and exciting new discoveries.

The first two are old favorites of mine from Bloody Cuts:

(Yeah, that one was one of the ones that was taken down.  But I found another copy, Italian subtitles and all.  Now watch it again.  See what he did with the pictures?)

The next probably should have been in the “Halloween Carols” post, but honestly, as far as I’m concerned, the song is just background music for the movie:

Then we come to the new discoveries.  The first is another from Bloody Cuts, and it is a dark one:

I’ve been checking back at their website for some time now, and not seen the continuation.  But believe me, I’ll let you know when I do.

Next, we have the kind of story that scared us all as children, with the kind of terror that gets forgotten and nerfed as we get older, because we tend to forget the darkness of our childhoods.

Then we have a man who is trapped in what at first seems to be haunted house or a Jigsaw-like trap, but which is in fact something much, much worse.

And here we have a different kind of darkness.

(Note: I think this may be a rather egregious example of what TVTropes might call Christianity Is Catholic.  There are other denominations where preachers wear the collar and are referred to as “Father”, but none of them are really popular in the Southwestern United States either, which is what our setting appears to be.)

And finally, this one is an old favorite, but I decided to save it for the end anyway, because I believe it fits the spirit of the holiday better than any of the rest.  After all, in the end, Halloween is about having fun (scary though it may be):

Special Bonus:

Saw this one going around Facebook.  It’s cute, but it also asks an interesting question: Halloween, Samhain, El Dia De Los Muertos…they’re supposedly times that The Dead walk the Earth.  Given who “The Dead” actually are, why should that necessarily be frightening?


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