And here we have the story that Justina Luther wrote based on a theme I was allowed to choose as part of my “Ruling Reader” prize package. All I’ll say is that she knew her audience well for this particular story, and that it seems I chose…wisely.

(For the record, the theme in question was “Experiment”, which, being who I am, immediately conjured images of lightning storms and decaying castles. I like what she did with it instead.)

Justina Luther~ Welcome to My Imagination

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I lay beneath my bed, my heart throbbing as I tried to catch my breath. How long have I been here? Everything before these walls is gone. While the sun keeps its guard I’m a captive of dormitory 66, a mouse in a nest packed and overflowing with rats, but when the moon turns her face from this place, I have my final chance. Saint Gabriel’s Asylum has been abandoned for years, or so it is told to those who don’t wish to know. The state had shut it down 100 years ago when it had failed to comply with the new codes. Legendary for its cruel treatment, it was rumored to have been experimenting with far worse, more advanced, therapies. Though the terror is silent, the torturous work continues as it always had.

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