Halloween Carols 2015 – The Season of Dark Magic

And so, with last week’s celebration of the Slasher as prologue, I bring to you my full collection of Halloween Carols – the anthems of the season of dark magic:

Charlie Daniels tells us about the things that hide out in that real country dark:

Next is one of my old favorites, because this holiday is about laughter along with the fear:

Two by Lordi.  One that’s explicitly set on Halloween, apparently one where the Underworld breaks loose:

And the other just about the day when the monsters rise up and the jokers become kings:

The next two don’t have anything in their lyrics to suggest Halloween or horror, but the videos are just too perfect:

The next two are two classic rockers singing about one of the classic monsters (both brought to you by Red Molly):

Next we have the people of Halloween Town telling us about their world (second version has a higher quality picture, but includes more of the prologue):

And of course, as the grand finale, this year and every year, the greatest horror music video of all time:

Happy Halloween.  Watch next week for my Halloween Short Film Festival.



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