Halloween Carols 2015 – Songs of the Slashers

As is tradition here at Dreams of the Shining Horizon, I’ve spent the last few days collecting Halloween Carols so I could celebrate my favorite month of the year with my readers.  This year, I’ve collected more songs than usual, to the point that I felt the need to divide them up into two posts.  Looking them over, I noticed that some of them fit…shall we say…a certain theme.  And that is how we now have this post, with its musical celebration of the great slashers of the past.

We begin by returning to the source – the soundtrack songs that honored these beautiful monsters directly:

Next, a song from the same era, with a somewhat more humorous attitude:

Next, a modern song with a bit more humorous attitude:

(I don’t know about you, but one in particular of those pictures on the wall jumped out at me.  Rest in peace, Mr. Craven, and thanks for everything.)

And finally, a glimpse of how the monsters themselves celebrate Halloween!

By the Great Pumpkin, that video was thick with references.  Did anyone catch that the snack he brought for their study session was The Stuff?  Red Molly was the one who caught that.

A quick thought – I don’t mean to start a nerds’ cafeteria-table argument from the Eighties here (or maybe I do), but while Jason (at least in his later movies) could disassemble Leatherface in seconds, and while he and Michael are probably equals (with whatever advantage Michael may take from being the archetype from which Jason was drawn), isn’t Pinhead far and away more powerful than every other character in this video put together?



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