Sale on Hometown Beginning October 11!


It’s the Fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford, New York. The leaves are turning, the kids are going back to school, and the heat of Summer is giving way to a cool, misty season. It happens every Fall. Only this Fall, people are disappearing into that mist. Some people are found torn apart, some people are found dead for no reason, and some people aren’t found at all. Other people see strange things in the mist: ghosts and campfire stories. There’s something out there in that mist. Something old. Something that has slept for a long time, but has now woken up hungry. Maybe the people of Belford could resist it, but as the terrible Fall wears on, more and more of them start…changing. Acting bizarre and violent. In the end, only a small group of teenage defenders are left to make their stand.

Just in time for the season of dark magic, the story of the hometown you can never escape and the things from the cold fall mist is going to be on sale at Amazon for a mere $0.99 per download.  Don’t miss it!



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2 responses to “Sale on Hometown Beginning October 11!

  1. Love this artwork! Sounds like an interesting read, too.

    • Oh yeah, the artist is great. His name is Ruben de Vela, and if you look at the sidebar, he’s also the one who did the cover for The Truth of Rock and Roll. If you’d like to see yet more of his marvelous work, here’s his deviantart page.

      As for the story, I’m glad you like what you see. Hope you’ll check out the rest. After all, now you know the best time…

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