Interesting Links – September 29, 2015

Yesterday, I introduced you to Queen Viarraluca, the heroine created by dubiousbyhabit of Sartorially Smart Heroines.  In the same post, I was given a link to dubious’s older blog, which contains excerpts and discussions of First Empress, the upcoming novel of which Queen Viarra is the protagonist.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m looking forward to it.  Keep us posted, dubious.  I’ll want a copy when it comes out.

Next, a little strip from The Oatmeal that I’ve been meaning to share, out of pure rueful desire for commiseration: How Your Body Responds To Exercise (at Different Ages).  The Twenties was true (if only I’d put the kind of effort into my health program then that I do now!), the Thirties has looked about like that so far, and as I approach my Forties, it’s starting to look more and more likely…

But for some hope, look at the hidden bonus panel.

Finally, to round it out, a long-delayed return to The Horrors of It All.  Today’s story, “And the Blood Ran Green“, is based on a story by Robert Bloch.  Considering that he’s the one who developed the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath from a throwaway mention in Lovecraft, just part of one of the Dark Mother’s many epithets, to the terrifying tentacled tree-things we all know and fear, it seems that Mr. Bloch might have had the same sort of thing for vegetable-based horrors that Lovecraft did for fish-based ones.  No matter; as you’ll see, he did them very, very well.



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2 responses to “Interesting Links – September 29, 2015

  1. Wow, thanks so much for your interest in my novel! You know, I’d love to get your feedback on my drafts, if you’re interested, and maybe even bounce ideas off of you when it comes time to publish. Is there a way to message .docx files through WordPress or Tumblr? Or maybe just message me an email address where I can send you a couple chapters? If you’re interested and have some ideas on how to share those files, let me know! Thanks!

    • Hey, the credit’s all yours. I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t really, really liked what you showed me. Queen Viarra’s brilliance and charm have won another victory, and I wasn’t kidding when I said that an iron-age change from the usual medieval-ish fantasy venue was a breath of fresh air. I’d be glad to read your drafts. Don’t know if I have much useful advice about publishing or marketing, though. I’m kinda struggling with that myself.

      Anyway, if there’s a way to message .docx files through WordPress or Tumblr, I don’t know it. I’ll message you my email address on Tumblr in just a few minutes.

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