Queen Viarra, by Adelruna

For some time now, I’ve been sharing Sartorially Smart Heroines‘s critiques of various heroines’ (and villainesses’) armors, uniforms, and other outfits.

Now, it’s time to share an example of the kind of heroine that Dubiousbyhabit hirself would come up with. Beware: Queen Viarraluca is a heroine in the classic sense…maybe not so much the modern. The things she does may not always be “good”, but they’re always great.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

ViarraQueen Viarra, by Adelruna

“There are people who want me dead for no other reason than they’d rather be in charge themselves. Every decision I make, no matter how fair and just, will result in someone I’ve never met praying nightly to the gods for my death simply because I did not decide in their favor. If any of these people believed they could destroy me, they would not hesitate to do so. There is an aphorism in warfare that ‘true safety lies not in counting on your enemy not to attack, but in making your position unassailable.’ This applies in politics as well as combat. By brutally executing the men behind this attempt on my life, it discourages others who may want me dead from making similar attempts.”
—Queen Viarraluca of Kel Fimmaril, Hegemon of the Northern Vestic Sea, First Empress of all Tollesia

Queen Viarraluca (Viarra to…

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