Fairytale Princesses, by Adelruna

And as a special bonus for the day, some more work by the same artist who gave us such a badass version of Queen Viarraluca.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

allRapunzel and Snow White, by Adelruna

Bonus update! I had a couple of super-awesome artists get back to me this last weekend about using their art for Sartorially Smart Heroines, and I’ve been pretty excited to get to discuss their work. As both Rapunzel andSnow White were orginally Grimm’s fairytales, they seemed a fitting followup to Nick’s Red Riding Hood painting. I’ve got a break in some freelance editing I’ve been doing, so I decided to post an extra update. While putting Disney princesses in armor is hardly a new concept, I really like Adelruna’s heroines and the overall look of their armor.

rapunzel2Rapunzel’s armor is a lovely suit of layered plate and chain mail. She’s definitely armored for a heavy scrum. Her torso and upper legs are protected by at least four layers: padded hauberk, leather jack, chain shirt, and whatever she’s got for an arming…

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