Today Is The Last Day of the Prize Bucks Free Giveaway!


Like the headline says, today is the final day to get yourself a free copy of Prize Bucks, a story of the creature who is the ultimate embodiment of the hunted becoming the hunter:

“She’s called Deer Woman,” the Sheriff continued, as if she’d never paused in her explanation…“And she’s been doing this for a long time. Centuries. Since before the white man came.”

“She’d come out of the woods and join the celebration…after a few hours of dancing, she’d pick the strongest, handsomest, bravest warrior and go off into the woods with him…She only ever took the best: the strongest, the handsomest…the prize bucks.”

Free for just a few more hours.  And if you like it, why don’t you check out the rest of my work on Amazon?  While you’re there, hit “Follow” so you can keep up with new releases.


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