Butatsch Cun Ilgs


Okay. It’s okay. I’m okay.

Well. This one is…terrifying. I’ve discussed my fear of water monsters before, and this thing…what with the eyes, and the entire lack of a head, and the resemblance to a cow’s guts…this is a thing that is Just Not Right.

But there’s more to it than that. This is more than a simple lake monster. Between the biology that shouldn’t work and the arsenal of magic powers – to say nothing of the sheer, landscape-shaping strength of the thing – I think we may be dealing with a minor Old One here.

Naturally, I’m already thinking of ways to use this in a story. The most obvious, of course, is another starmentusa notg – straight up, kaiju-style action. And of course, there’s the Lovecraft option, to have the Thing in the Lake corrupting the entire landscape around it. One idea that struck me right away was the idea of some monster hunters finding much more than they hoped to find. I’ve already got something similar on the back burner, but who said I could only ever use an idea once?

We shall see…

A Book of Creatures

Variations: Butatsch-ah-ilgs (erroneously, apparently a typo in Rose’s encyclopedia)

Butatsch Cun Ilgs

The Lüschersee, a small Swiss alpine lake nestled in the heather-covered hills of Graubünden, seems tranquil enough on the surface. Yet it is said that the lake’s waters reach down to the center of the Earth, where eternal fires rage. This is the home of the Butatsch Cun Ilgs, the “Cow’s Stomach”.

Long ago, during a more feudal time, the shepherds of Graubünden were in a constant struggle for freedom from the cruel barons and lords of the land. Their masters were prone to treating them unjustly, and even harming them for sport. A group of noblemen once returned from an ibex hunt to find herds of cattle and sheep grazing peacefully by the Lüschersee. Naturally they decided to kill them. With loud whoops and peals of laughter, they drove the animals before them, hacking at them with their swords and…

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