Method One, Standard.

My archive crawl continues at Aetherial Engines. This one is for all of the tabletop gamers out there (my people!). Does anyone else remember the cruel vagaries of fate that could be visited upon you by “Roll 3d6, in order”?

Aethereal Engines

Method_One_StandardPatrick choked on his Mountain Dew looking at the lowly one on the twenty-sided die. With his usual game-mastering flair, Dave chanted nonsense holding his newfound antique book as a prop. The pantomime was typical for Dave as he described the effects of the Reincarnation Beam, until the oddly authentic looking spellbook erupted into green flames that flew across the table.

Opening his eyes to a world tinted in grey, Patrick’s friends were like statues while his sixty-four ounce soda hovered in midair beside him.

“YOU MUST NOW GENERATE A NEW CHARACTER. METHOD ONE, STANDARD,” boomed a disembodied voice. Four six-sided dice materialized before Patrick in a flash of green. “ROLL FOR STRENGTH.”

Assuming that he had become the victim of an elaborate prank and illegal substances, he decided to play along. “What? I don’t get to arrange to taste?” he quipped.

“ROLL!” rumbled the voice.

Patrick grabbed the dice…

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2 responses to “Method One, Standard.

  1. Thanks for the share! In my imagination, “the Voice” in this story would be none other than that of Gary Gygax himself. 😉 They get no more “Old School” RPG than that!

  2. To say nothing of player vs. DM adversarial. Our protagonist is lucky he got to choose the “smoking hot” part.

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