Davy Jones

Once again passing along one of my favorite creatures from A Book Of Creatures. This one is more horrifying in appearance than most (at least in the form shown here), but then, spirits and demons like Mr. Jones don’t need to even pretend at functional biology.

I do wonder where Davy Jones fits into the demonic hierarchy relative to Leviathan, whom I’d been given to understand was Hell’s admiral. Since the sailors who believe in Mr. Jones probably have few theologists among them, I suspect they don’t have an answer for me.

A Book of Creatures

Variations: David Jones

Davy Jones final

Where there is the sea, there will be Davy Jones. He is the demon of the ocean, the proprietor of Davy Jones’ Locker where all drowned sailors go. Originally from British tales, he has since been expanding his influence across the ocean; as long as sailors fear the deep, this “blackguard hell’s baby” will continue to exist.

There is no limit to the shapes Davy Jones can appear in. He is the whale, the shark, the whirlpool, the giant squid, the hurricane, all the fears of sailors. He has been described with huge saucer eyes, triple rows of teeth, a tail, and horns, with blue smoke pouring from his nostrils. When the sailors of the Cachalot landed an enormous, barnacle-crusted bull sperm whale with a twisted lower jaw, some of them declared they had killed Davy Jones himself.

Davy Jones rules over the lesser demons and spirits…

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