The Trunk

Just wanted to share this one by JustinaLuther, though I know I’m more than a month late to the party. Between this one and the follow-up in the next post, I think she has material for a good suspense thriller. Check it out.

Justina Luther~ Welcome to My Imagination

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I take a lazy breath, my eyes shut tight. Why is it so warm in here? I must have not turned the air on last night. My stomach rumbles at the scent of my morning hazelnut coffee. I just love appliances that do it all for me. Jeremy spoils me.

I try to adjust my position and stretch out my legs, but my feet hit something. I wish Cranston didn’t always sleep at the foot of the bed. Dumb dog. I try to lift my arms, but they feel like 1,000 pound barbells. How hard did I sleep?

I don’t want to get up yet, but Cranston will need to be walked before I meet Jeremy’s parents for brunch. There are so many wedding details to go over. I smile, my stomach exploding with butterflies. I wonder what time it is.

I yawn. Oh well…

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