The Great Martian War

Did you guys know about this?  You probably did, because I see that it came out in 2013.  Still, I just found out about it yesterday, and it is too awesome not to share:

One thing that’s interesting about this to me is that, although the Wikipedia entry says that the humans were ultimately driven to the very edge of total defeat, the trailer shows us actually doing some damage.  That’s in line with the original novel, where a few martian tripods were successfully taken down by cannon fire, but their technology ultimately proved too advanced to overcome (their big advantage: their weapons were point-and-shoot, rather than requiring several shots to find the range, like cannons did).  It’s only in the 1953 version that most people know that the alien invaders started to become totally invincible.

The reason for the impenetrable force shields in the later movie?  The movie’s military advisers told the filmmakers that the tripods from the 1898 novel would get wiped out so quickly by a modern military that the Martians wouldn’t have a chance to develop their first sniffle.  Isn’t that interesting?  Our own weapons technology advanced so quickly during that terrible first half of the Twentieth Century that the science fiction weapons technology of the original invaders went from unstoppable to laughable.


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