Short Horror Cinema

So I was poking around the r/horror subreddit the other day, and I found this Listverse list of horror shorts.

Some of the shorts are better than others.  The best, the nerve-shattering Lights Out, I’ve already discussed in another post.

(No seriously, that short changed the way I get ready for bed.  I didn’t used to check the closets…)

The rest are good enough to be worth checking out, but I must warn you – the text basically gives you the entire story of the short.  “Spoilers” doesn’t begin to cover it.

I must admit that, while there are others that are better, I have a sneaking fondness for this one, probably for its brevity and brutal simplicity:

Of course, by the very nature of horror shorts on the Internet, watching the shorts from the article sent me on a Youtube crawl.  As I’m sure most of you are aware, most of what’s out there isn’t really all that great.  As the original Listverse article warns, it’s mostly long stretches of nothing followed by jump scares.  However, I did find a few I liked:

I’ll admit, that one isn’t all that great either.  In the end, just a slasher, with a plot hole or two even at its short length.  But it does press a few of my nightmare buttons.  This one presses the same buttons, with much more skill:

When did we all decide that a psychotic grin is scarier than any snarl or grimace?  Has it always been that way?

Anyway, the next one didn’t push any particular triggers, it was just damn good:

But at the end of the day, the best of all was from that very first Listverse post, and it’s not even a horror short, but a music video.  Warning, a bit NSFW even compared to the horror shorts on this page:

A reminder that horror, of all genres, doesn’t always need to make sense.  Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than when reality just…breaks.


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