Killing Time Free Giveaway Continues!


 An Excerpt:

August 16, 2002


Fred didn’t come in to work today. Not that unusual, right? People take sick days and days off, right?


Someone else was sitting at Fred’s desk, and his cubicle was completely redecorated. So I asked what happened. Did Fred get fired? Did he finally retire, only really quietly to avoid all the fuss? They all looked at me like I’d just grown antlers. Who’s Fred? They asked. Mary has worked here for the last six years.

(Pause. Footsteps pass by)

Six years? What’s this horsehockey? Fred’s been in this company—in this same damn spot—for as long as anyone can remember. At least twenty years.

I looked around to make sure that I was in the right department. After all, I’m going crazy, right, doc? Maybe I just got confused. But no, I was in accounting, right enough.

(Pause. Footsteps pass.)

I tried to call Fred’s home, but I just got one of those damn sirens and the message that says the number’s no longer in service and there’s no further information.

So I find myself with two options: either I hallucinated eight years of stopping by this cubicle every day, Super Bowl parties, and stopping by the pub on the way home; or someone is messing with me and has ‘disappeared’ Fred and all evidence of his existence to do it.

Which is crazier?

(Phone rings. Pause. Phone rings several more times, then stops)

Or maybe there’s an option three: that Fred really doesn’t exist anymore. Just like the Statue.

My god, is it working on people now?

(Phone rings)

I have to answer that.


August 24, 2002

Previous three entries reveal that patient suffers from paranoid delusions. Recommend immediate hospitalization before he begins to act upon his fantasies of persecution.

–Dr. West

Have you ever gotten just a little bit lost?  So that you’re somewhere familiar, but not seeing what you expect to see?  Have you ever, just for a moment, wondered if it was the world that was wrong, and not you?

That’s what’s happening to Randolph Stevens.  And in his case…he’s right.

The tale of fraying reality is still 100% free at Amazon from now through Thursday.  Pick yourself up a copy!

While you’re there, you should check out the rest of the library.  Each one a fine, reasonably-priced piece of entertainment.



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2 responses to “Killing Time Free Giveaway Continues!

  1. Very cool. Nerve-wracking.

    Kind of reminded me of the Demolished Man (Alfred Bester) and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Remember Me (fifth episode, fourth season).

    I’ll definitely have to look at more of your stuff.

    • Very cool. Nerve-wracking.

      Thank you very much. That was the goal.

      Kind of reminded me of the Demolished Man (Alfred Bester) and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Remember Me (fifth episode, fourth season).

      Interesting. When my father read it, he said it reminded him of a Twilight Zone episode (not one particular episode, just the general flavor). Meanwhile, I was going for something more Lovecraftian. I seem to have discovered some kind of running theme in the human subconscious with this one.

      Funny thing is, when I wrote this story, I hadn’t experienced any of those particular works (I bailed out on ST:TNG before it got really good, it seems). Well, Twilight Zone turned out to be great. I guess I should try out the other two.

      I’ll definitely have to look at more of your stuff.

      Why, thank you. Please do. And please pass the word to whoever you think might be interested.

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