East River Greenway – June 13, 2015

So last Saturday was my sister’s birthday, or at least it was the day we celebrated it, and we celebrated it by gathering with a few of her friends for lunch at South Street Seaport Smorgasburg.  The original plan was to play a bit of mini golf after, but with the Sun beating down, my sister changed her mind.  Wisest thing for her really; she burns even easier than I do.

Instead, Red Molly and I set out for a walk in the park.  Specifically, we walked up the East River Greenway to 34th Street, then crossed the island to get on the A line for home.  A good six mile walk or so, which is a good thing, since I ate far too much during the festivities.  Along the way, I got some marvelous shots looking out from the Lower East Side, and I thought I would share.

First, the very beginning of our journey, right at the southern point of Manhattan, by South Street Seaport.


The path you see is the Greenway itself, and most of you will recognize the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground.  Here’s a picture of it taken looking across the river to Brooklyn.


In the background in the Manhattan Bridge.  Here’s a better look at that.


A little further up, where Greenway widens into a rather lovely park, we passed this rather lovely amphitheatre:

City side view

City side view

Riverside view

Riverside view

I don’t know if it has a name.  I looked for a plaque, but didn’t find one.  It was under repair, so maybe I’ll be able to find one on a later visit.

Next, an interesting view of the Williamsburg Bridge:


Then just a few more pictures of the Greenway itself as we neared the end of our journey at 34th street:

Looking South

Looking South

Looking North

Looking North

It’s easy to get lost in the concrete canyons living day to day in this city.  Easy to forget that beauty like this is part of New York.  But as much as we love it, the Greenway is just a park.  Red Molly and I saw something much more unusual this past weekend.  A true hidden corner of New York.  Stay tuned.


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