Christopher Lee Has Passed Away

christopher-lee - old

Christopher Lee died on Sunday, June 7, 2015 of heart failure.  He was 93.

This isn’t any great surprise, of course.  It had to happen someday – unlike Dracula or Saruman, Sir Christopher was mortal – but even so, Red Molly and I are deeply saddened.  We’ve loved so much of his work for so long, it’s almost like losing a friend.

So thank you for everything, Sir Christopher.

Thank you for the vampires.

christopher lee christopherlee-fswt19, Photo by: Everett Collection (christopherlee-fswt19.jpg)

Thank you for the aristocratic pagan cult leaders.

Christopher Lee - Wicker Man

Thank you for the unexpectedly benevolent wizards.

Christopher Lee - DevilRidesOutBlackWhite1

(No seriously, when do you play the hero?)

And thank you for the wizards who should have been benevolent.


Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, and know that you will also be remembered as the World War II commando badass who told Peter Jackson what it sounds like when a man is stabbed in the back.

You died with the work finished.  We can all only hope for the same.  May Peter Cushing welcome you into the gates.

Rest in peace, Sir Christopher.  And thanks for everything.



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2 responses to “Christopher Lee Has Passed Away

  1. Great tribute, I’m going to miss him. 😦

    • The blessing and the curse of film. Some part of him will always be with us, as eternally young as Dracula.

      And then you remember that the rest of him is gone.

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