Coney Island – May 30, 2015

So I got a new phone this weekend.  The old one was dying.  Battery wouldn’t hold a charge, functions weren’t working as they should, the whole nine yards.  So I got a new one.  With the trade-in,  it hurt a lot less than I thought it would.

And I must say, I am just amazed by the camera on this thing.  It seems like just a few years ago when I got a digital camera that was top of the line at five megapixels, and now my phone has 21, and that isn’t even its primary function.  The march of technology is amazing.

(I had a camera on my old phone, of course, but it kinda sucked.)

So now that I have this amazing new camera that I carry around with me wherever I go anyway, you might start to see a few more photo album posts around here.

For example, I got my new phone last Saturday – the day mentioned in the title, oddly enough.  On that same day, I went to – you guessed it! – Coney Island.  Coney Island last Saturday was significantly warmer than the last time I went, but it was still a bit chilly.  Long stretches of the beach were deserted.  So I tried to see if I could capture the stark beauty of it with my new camera – the chill wind and the blowing sand:


I think it worked.  Then I realized (as I was walking past it) that there was one Coney Island landmark, that I don’t think I’d ever shared:


I have no idea what that is.  Part of an older boardwalk?  Last remnant of a long-gone amusement park?  Anybody know?

And finally…


That’s the jetty at the West End.  The borderline.  The end of Coney.  And beyond it…


It feels like looking over the edge of the world.  That bridge in the distance is the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

That’s all I have for now, but I think you can expect more posts showcasing whatever piece of wonder or beauty I’ve seen.  As for Coney, that idea of a “Twelve Months of Coney” feature is sounding better and better.  Stay tuned…


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