Horizon Review: Streets of Fire

It’s pretty warm down here in The City, enough to let us know that summer is on its way. And for me, there are certain movies I need to see to start the season off right. Streets of Fire is one of them. It gets me in that proper dreaming frame of mind.

Streets of Fire is the very first movie I reviewed on this site, chosen as such because it’s the movie I love the most and that has inspired me every time I’ve seen it.

And it’s not even really that good as a movie.

Take a look at this bit of old time Horizon to see how that works.

Dreams of the Shining Horizon


On my About page, and again in my first post, I mention that one of the things I intend to write about on this site is movies.  It would be strange if I didn’t: I’ve been a movie buff ever since I was a little kid hanging out in the local video store, wishing I could take the entire stock home.  And while there are certainly movies I’m going to pick apart or hold up as examples of what not to do, most of them are going to be movies I love, or that inspire me in some way.

That’s why the very first movie review on Dreams of the Shining Horizon is going to be about Streets of Fire.  It fits into both categories, and I wanted to get the whole endeavor off to a positive start.

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