About the Name

For the first of my “Greatest Hits” reposts, I thought it would be best to begin at the beginning, or almost. This is the post that explains what I’m all about. Me and this somewhat baroque blog title.

Dreams of the Shining Horizon

It’s pretty fucking melodramatic, isn’t it? Most of the blogs out there have single-word names, or at most some pithy, punchy phrase, usually three words or less. Meanwhile, I’ve got a handle that looks like it belongs on an early Pink Floyd album. No, wait, not weird enough. More like what some pretentions teenager would put on their poetry notebook, the one that they’re convinced will be a best seller when they publish it.

…okay, yeah, fair enough, I’ll admit that last one hits a bit close to home. Still. The words weren’t chosen because they’re pretty. They were chosen because they mean something.

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