New Venues and Upcoming Attractions

I finally figured out how to link my blog to my author’s page on Amazon.  This gives the fans I’ve made through my books on Amazon – if any – a new way to follow me.

With that in mind, I’m going to start reposting a sort of Greatest Hits collection of my posts up to this point – reviews, writing theory, particularly poignant personal memoirs that give important context for my life, that sort of thing.  I’m also going to post a few excerpts here and there, to give folks a taste of why they should buy.  And hey, there might be some good stuff from the early days that any new fans I have here may have missed.

(And don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to become all reruns all the time.  I do still have some new things to say.  Heck, the only reason y’all didn’t get a review of The Wicker Man in honor of May Day is that as far as I’m concerned, this reviewer said it all, and I have nothing to add.)


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