Coming Attractions

So I’ve finished that post I was talking about last week. It’s taken more time and effort than a relatively short piece should have. It’s genuinely good. But I still don’t know if it’s right to post it. Damn. I have a feeling more than a week’s worth of work is slipping away from me. It happens to every writer, I guess, but you still hate it.

Anyway.   Enough of that.  I’ve got good news, and plenty of it.

First of all:

Black Dog Cover

The Guardian Cats of New York City: The Black Dog is now available for download for the first time ever at Amazon.

There is a place in the heart of the City where the lines of force converge. It is a place of peace that used to be a place of vengeance and horror. There is something there, just beneath the surface, that wants to make it a place of vengeance and horror again. And the only thing that stands in its way is a cat named Queenie and a black dog who is much, much more than what he seems.

Check it out.

Next I would like to announce what I’ve been preparing for all this time:

Rock and Roll Banner 4

That’s right: I’m working with iequalsAlissa again.  Stay tuned!

And finally, during that same week…


I’ve used up most of my free promotional days for Hometown for this quarter.  All but one.  And that one is going to be April 30.

That’s right.  Walpurgis Nacht.  The witches’ holiday.  What other day could it be.

If you missed your chance before, don’t miss it now.


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