Animal Planet May Set A Reality Show In My Hometown!


Well, this is exciting.

It looks like Animal Planet is trying to create a reality show in Camden New York!

It’s called “American Dreambuilders”, and it’s about a man named Dan Christmas who builds and sells cabins – his business and his simple life in a small town.

No, I don’t think I know the guy.  I may have met him once or twice, and I’ve certainly heard his name, but that’s just life in a town of less than 3,000 people.This could be an enormously revitalizing thing for Camden.  Tourists coming to see places they’ve seen on the show, the whole media infrastructure required to produce the show itself – this could save Camden from its inevitable doom to become a ghost town once the final wire mill closes.  I didn’t part with Camden on the best of terms, and if you want to know why, follow that link and check the comments.  Still.  I wish them the best.

Sorry I didn’t see this in time to advise you all to watch it, but be on the lookout for any reruns of the pilot and, with luck, the series itself.


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