Changes Completed

As I said would be the case, Hometown has now been taken down, all but Book 1.  But stay tuned, my friends.  Coming up in March, there will be four days where the Kindle edition of Hometown will be available absolutely free!

Also, I’m sorry to announce that the first Guardian Cats of NYC story, Shin-Nephura’s Neighborhood, has also been taken down.  I’ve put it up for sale on Amazon, and it turns out that they don’t like it when you try to sell something with them while you’re giving it away for free elsewhere on the Net.  Go figure, huh?  To be fair, I guess it makes them nervous about the rights.  If it’s just being given away for free willy-nilly about the Internet, how do they know it’s mine to sell?  So I’m afraid if you want to visit our brave Shin-Nephura, my friends, you’ll have to visit the Bookstore.

PS – Sorry there hasn’t been much to see around here this week.  I’ve been working on setting up a couple of promotions, and I haven’t had much chance to do anything else.


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