Mama Gkika of Girl Genius

Another blog that I’m going to start reblogging from regularly is Sartorially Smart Heroines. Partly because a character’s clothing is extremely important to both characterization and setting – what people wear says a great deal about not just their personal style, but about the culture they come from – and partly because I (like so many others on the Internet) am a bit tired of female characters being put in clothing that says nothing more than “Hi! I’m a woman! Enjoy looking at my bits!” I like to celebrate characters and writers who avoid this, and analyze what they do right.

The post I’m going to start with is a little older, but it’s the one that first caught my attention. Girl Genius is one of the best webcomics out there, and Mama Gkika is one of my favorite characters in it.

So as for those questions above: just what does the smartly-attired 800 year old super soldier general wear if she wishes to make an impression in a Europe that’s ruled by mad scientists and oddly fetishizes hats?

Sartorially Smart Heroines


Mama Gkika from Girl Genius, by Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio

“But ve gots no time for de talking. My boyz tell me dere’s more trouble on de vay. Und Hy haven’t seen any decent trouble in ages. Dis is gonna be fun!” —Jäger General Gkika

So reading back through my archives, I discovered that I owe an apology to one of my readers. Almost a year ago, Tiquatue made a request for a deconstruction of Mama Gkika’s uniform from Studio Foglio’s Girl Genius web comic. With all of the other writeups and personal stuff going on, I completely forgot about the request, even offering a writeup for GG’s Bangladesh Dupree in the meanwhile. So, this one’s for you, Tiqua. Thank you for the request, and I’m genuinely sorry it took me this long to get to it. Und now dat Hy gots all deze veakling shpell-casters

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  1. Hi seraph! Thanks so much for reblogging, and by all means, feel free to reblog anything from my archives. I’m always looking to expand my audience and enjoy hearing other people’s feedback. I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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