Interesting Links – January 27, 2015

Working from home today, thanks to Juno.  It’s less fun than it might sound, since everyone in my office is doing the same thing, which means that the connection is running at 1995 speeds.  Still, while working at home, I’m able to access this blog, which I’m not able to do at work.  That allows me to share a couple of interesting links I came across today.

The first is…well, I guess you could call it a movie review…by Paul Bibeau of Goblinbooks:

I Finally Saw That War Movie Everyone’s Been Talking About #American Sniper

It seems they left out some important characters.

The other Interesting Link for today comes from Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, and it’s much more positive.  It seems that some mysterious party has engaged in some constructive graffiti in San Francisco, calling upon Marvel Comics’ latest superhero to join the long tradition of superheroes fighting bigotry.  Kamala Khan, the latest Miss Marvel, joins a tradition that goes all the way back to Superman in:

Superheroes vs. Bigotry Can Be A Powerful Thing


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