The Key to GOOD Writing is BAD Writing

Yesterday, Joshua M Swenson Liked my post. As I often do, I followed the links back from the notification email to check out Joshua’s own work.

I’m following Joshua now.

It took only a few minutes of poking around his blog to find some seriously useful advice on writing, which I will reblog and share at a later date.

But this one needs to be first, because it has the most important advice of all:

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many classes you take or books (or advisory blog posts) you read; in the end, the only way to write is to write. And your first efforts (indeed, your first efforts at each project throughout your career) are going to suck.

There may be some value in the suckage, something to build on, but they are going to suck. And the only way to get past that is to push through it.

In that, writing is like everything else.


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