Interesting Links – January 18, 2015

Hey, all.

Just wanted to share a few interesting articles I didn’t get a chance to deal with properly during the past week.

The first was sent to me by Red Molly:

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn as Terrifying Monsters

Oh baby, you know what I like.  BTW, am I the only one who detects a certain influence by HR Giger?

The next two are from Stealing Commas, and you might call them fix fics for the infamous Left Behind series.  The first is called “A No-Kill Rapture“, and while it does ruin one of Lahaye & Jenkins’ favorite scenes – the blood, fire and destruction that is unleashed upon the world (and all those obstinate sinners who just wouldn’t listen to them) when all of the Real True Christians are raptured – it deals with the theological problem of a God who wants everyone to be Saved, but kills thousands in the act of rapturing the Elect, thus denying them the chance to learn from the example.  The other, A Light In The Darkness, also works on the “maybe Heaven has some entities in it that give a damn about mortals” theme.

Finally, we have two from Fred Clark, of Slacktivist.  Fred is an old newsman, so he follows the news – which means these last two are kinda grim.  First, we have one that’s a few days old, and I’m afraid that the comment section is large enough to make it cumbersome on my browser, but it’s still worth reading:

Appalling Results From a Small Study of College Men Highlight A Public Safety Emergency

The study is indeed small, but it is supported by more extensive ones, and it illustrates why the most dangerous thing a woman can do is trust a man.  And yet the world only moves forward because they do.

The other is more recent, and just as troubling:

Cops Behaving Badly (1.17)

Yes, there have been other installments.  I think that says more than I could.



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